Ring, the maker of smart doorbells owned by Amazon, just released a new home security camera, the Always Home Cam, that, unlike traditional surveillance cameras, can fly.

The Always Home Cam home camera is actually a small drone with a camera installed. The maximum video resolution can reach 1080p, and it is compatible with the Ring Alarm alarm system.

When the user is not at home, it can cruise indoors, and you can observe the scene from all angles in the room through devices such as mobile phones.

Its biggest feature is the superb obstacle avoidance technology, which can avoid objects on the flight path, and the propeller comes with a protective cover, which will not damage the items at home.

Users can set the flight route of the Always Home Cam and the target area to be monitored. Once the established flight route is completed, the Always Home Cam will automatically return to the base to charge.

The Always Home Cam will start shipping next year and is expected to sell for $249.99.

According to Ring founder and chief inventor Jamie Siminoff, the idea behind the development of the Always Home Cam was to provide multi-view monitoring of the entire home without the need for multiple cameras.

When using the device for the first time, users need to ask the Always Home Cam camera to map the entire interior, or you can monitor only specific areas such as the kitchen or bedroom.

In addition to flying according to user instructions, the camera can be connected to the alarm system, and in the event of an intrusion alarm, such as someone breaking in, it will go to check the situation on its own.

The Always Home Cam’s charging base blocks the camera, though, so it can only monitor while it’s flying, and the device makes unavoidable noises while flying.

The company says the Always Home Cam flying camera can be used to check if the stove is off, windows are open, or doors are locked when the user leaves the house.
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