Amazon has just released the second generation of independently designed server chip “graviton2”, which is the strongest arm platform processor so far, and is no less than Intel’s top platinum.

Amazon graviton 2 adopts arm’s latest neoverse N1 CPU architecture, which is built by its own design team, and directly stacks to 64 cores, which is four times of the first generation (twice as much as previously reported). Moreover, it uses top-level configuration. Each core has 1MB level-2 cache, with a total of 64MB. All cores share 32MB level-3 cache.

64 cores are interconnected by mesh fabric, and the combined bandwidth is up to 2TB / s. It supports eight channels of ddr4-3200 memory, hardware AES-256 memory encryption, and 64 PCIe 4.0.

Amazon released the second generation of independently designed server chip "graviton2", which is no inferior to Intel's top platinum

Officials say the graviton 2 has up to seven times the performance of the first generation and up to five times the memory access speed.

At the same time, Amazon also launched a series of sixth generation instances based on graviton 2, including M6G, R6G and c6g, with different configurations and up to 256gb of memory.

Amazon also compared it with the fifth generation of Intel Xeon platinum (up to 3.1GHz), which leads the way in single core performance: SPECjvm 2008 +43% (estimated), SPEC CPU 2017 integer +44% (estimated), SPEC CPU 2017 floating point + 24% (estimated), HTTPS load balancing + 24%, memory cache + 43% (with lower latency), x2664 video coding + 26%, EDA simulation + 54%!

Amazon’s graviton 2 platform will be launched in 2020.

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