As the largest e-commerce enterprise in the United States and the second largest Internet enterprise in the world, Amazon has to deal with a very large number of goods every day. A good goes through many steps from warehousing, outbound to customers. For companies like Amazon, any improvement will save them huge costs, and AR is a good entry point.

Amazon has long been involved in AR, such as Sumerian, a 3D content development platform launched this year. Or the built-in AR function in Amazon app can display the products that customers like with AR. There are also small applications that just came out recently, which can help users identify the size of screws to facilitate the purchase of needed models, etc.

Amazon has made a lot of attempts in the AR field. It’s not surprising that Amazon launched the AR head display. According to Amazon’s latest patent, they may launch ar head show and apply it to Amazon’s large warehouse to improve work efficiency and create more value. The two patents are submitted together. What we will introduce today is the first one passed, which describes the working principle of the head display. The other one failed, which describes the working interface of the system. Therefore, these two patents are actually part of the system. Let’s take a look at the first half for a glimpse.

This patent describes a warehouse navigation system, which allows employees to quickly find the goods or shelves they need, similar to the AR navigation map in a factory.

Amazon may launch ar head display, using AR to reduce storage costs

You may wonder why AR is used in such a place? Let’s quickly understand that part of the e-commerce sector accounts for a very large cost, that is, the implementation cost of warehousing and logistics, including storage, receipt and delivery, transportation and other costs. For some e-commerce companies, the implementation cost of warehousing and logistics will account for more than 10% of the total sales revenue, even 20% is not impossible.

Amazon has reduced its warehousing and logistics costs to 8.5%, making its goods cheaper and more competitive. So the use of AR for warehouse operation is not only to reduce costs, but also to gain greater market share.

Patent is through ar to help complete the two steps of receiving and delivery, to help staff find the specific shelf. In a jungle of steel, it’s not easy to live by yourself, especially if you have to spend the whole day. GPS positioning is used to determine the position for navigation. There is no difference between the interface and AR navigation, but the shelf has height and number of layers. How can ar display recognize this.

Amazon uses a simple and crude method – scan the QR code. Each grid has its own QR code. It can identify the QR code through the camera to determine the location. It can also give suggestions according to the scanned QR code. For example, three grids on the left are the correct location. The same idea can also be achieved by using scanners, image capture devices, RFID scanners, NFC scanners, Bluetooth and other devices. Amazon, for example, once used ultrasound to determine the relationship between a worker’s hand and the correct grid position.

At the same time, when receiving the goods, you can quickly input the corresponding relationship between the goods and the grid position through the QR code, which will be uploaded through the network. The variety of goods is also very wide, in accordance with the classification of goods stored in the warehouse, in different areas there will be different ar patterns for identification. In addition, the staff’s work tasks, product specific information will also be displayed in the field of vision, to help quickly complete the task.

Amazon’s new patent seems to be ar navigation plus a scanner, which can help employees complete the task of receiving and delivering goods. It seems that the difficulty and cost of implementation are not much, and it also brings huge economic income. I believe Amazon will not just bury this patent in a pile of documents.



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