On April 16, we learned that Amazon is developing a wireless headset designed to provide better sound quality than Apple’s popular airpods at a lower price. Now, according to foreign media thurrott, Microsoft will also launch its own wireless headset (which may be named surface bugs) to compete with Apple’s airpods.

Amazon is developing a wireless headset that will compete with Apple's airpods

This information comes from sources familiar with the company’s plans, like Apple’s airpods integrated Siri, Amazon’s wireless headset will be equipped with Alexa virtual assistant, while surface budds will be equipped with Cortana.

The project, codenamed Morrison, may be named after the late Jim Morrison, the lead singer of the doors. It is reported that in addition to Cortana, the surface bus also has noise reduction function and can make it easier for users to read content from their mobile phones. It is estimated that the product will be compatible with Android and IOS devices.

If the news is true, Microsoft is likely to offer surface bugs during the holiday shopping season. In addition to Apple’s airpods and Amazon’s upcoming headphones, Microsoft will compete with the recently launched Samsung Galaxy budds.

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