Launched in June this year, amazfit Medong health watch is known as the first smart watch with health monitoring as the core in the industry, with a price of 699 yuan. We fast technology has got this product. Let’s take a look at the pictures.

It uses huami’s Huangshan No.1 processor, which is a risc-v open source instruction set wearable processor, and integrates with realbeats AI biological data engine, which can detect arrhythmia (including atrial fibrillation) in real time.

Amazfit Medtronic health watch is equipped with a 1.28 inch display and weighs only 25g. Biotracker PPG, a self-developed biotracker optical sensor, is used for 7 * 24-hour accurate heart rate monitoring. ECG and ECG sensors are equipped to comprehensively and deeply measure the user’s heart health.

Huami technology also cooperated with the Department of Cardiology, the first hospital of Peking University. Through the verification of 12 lead ECG, the accuracy rate of ECG and PPG of amazfit Medong health watch was 97.24% and 95.52% respectively.

Amazfit meter motion health watch is equipped with Nb IOT independent communication, which can report emergency health events in real time without Bluetooth connection to mobile phone. It can transmit important contents such as low and high heart rate in resting state, PPG monitoring of atrial fibrillation, fall detection, etc.

Amazfit Midian health watch high definition Atlas

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