On September 9, local time, the most authoritative and largest professional exhibition of radio and television equipment in Europe – the Netherlands International Radio and Television Technology Exhibition (IBC2022) was grandly held at the RAI International Exhibition and Conference Center in Amsterdam! The exhibition attracted more than 1,600 exhibitors, including many of the world’s most influential top brands such as Canon, Alai, and Vitek. Alto Electronics appeared at the exhibition and brought the latest XR virtual shooting solutions and a variety of ultra-high-definition small-pitch products to European customers.

XR Virtual Shooting Solutions

In recent years, XR virtual shooting and production has become the most cutting-edge technology in the industry, which has played a transformative role in the development of the film and television broadcasting industry, and has also brought a new visual experience to the audience. As an intelligent video solution provider driven by technological innovation, Alto Electronics is making every effort to promote the product development and application of virtual production technology.

At this IBC exhibition, Alto Electronics exhibited an XR virtual studio built with RM2.3 LED background screen and M3.7H sky screen, integrating the Mo-sys high-end camera system and the real-time rendering content produced by its subsidiary Chuangxiang Digital. It can completely replace real scenes and green screens to achieve panoramic deep shooting. With the realistic display, excellent visual effects, and immersive experience, it brings amazing shooting effects and realizes “what you see is what you get”, which has attracted great attention from the exhibitors.

It is worth mentioning that the RM2.3 LED background screen has just been shortlisted for the European “AV Awards” annual visual technology award. Developed and manufactured in accordance with the highest standards in the industry, the RM2.3 refresh rate can reach 7680Hz, and the scan rate is as high as 1/6 scan. The display effect and comprehensive performance far exceed similar products. RM2.3 can present stunning visual effects with a number of high-standard display requirements such as low-gray highlights and extreme color reproduction.

Professional-level shooting effects and efficient film production speed, Alto Electronics’ leading XR virtual shooting solutions have served a large number of domestic and foreign film and television production leading companies such as Hollywood, Microsoft, Tencent, etc., and created a large number of classic projects. The excellent product quality is well received by customers Good reviews. This year, the highest-standard virtual digital studio in South China built by Tencent Interactive Entertainment Content Ecology Department (CDD) in Shenzhen International Film and Television Cultural City also selected Alto Electronics’ XR virtual shooting solution, which has been put into use and has shot many films. High quality video. Since 2021, in just 18 months, Alto Electronics has successfully landed more than 30 XR virtual studios, demonstrating the professional strength of Alto Electronics in the field of XR virtual shooting.

A full range of fine pitch solutions

At this exhibition, Alto Electronics exhibited a full range of small-pitch LED displays, including CB0.9 (COB), CV1.2 (GOB), CV1.5 (Mini LED), and C1.8 curved screens. SMD, IMD, COB, GOB and other LED surface packaging processes. Among them, the CB0.9 with the smallest dot pitch has maturely adopted COB integrated packaging technology and red, green and blue full flip-chip technology. The COB package has the highest level of integration for the smallest pixel pitch, highest reliability and longest display lifetime.

Alto Electronics’ small-pitch LED display products are widely used in the field of radio and television. Its seamless and smooth splicing effect can achieve perfect shooting effects in high-definition camera environments, bringing excellent visual experience to the audience in front of the TV. Up to now, Alto Electronics has continued to build top-notch TV studios for domestic and foreign TV customers, including China CCTV, China Jiangsu Satellite TV, US CNN TV, US TNT TV, US Chicago TV, UK BBC TV, UK SKY TV , German SKY TV, Turkish TV, Qatar TV, Saudi TV, Austrian TV, Swiss TV, Hong Kong NOW news station and many other domestic and foreign TV studio projects, the number of projects ranks in the forefront of the industry.

XR virtual shooting technology provides a new production method and expression method for film and television broadcast shooting, and brings a new visual experience to the audience. As a leader in XR virtual shooting technology, Alto Electronics has been committed to the development of production-level XR virtual shooting technology and the most advanced LED display products to meet the development needs of the film and television market and improve the level of film and television production. In the future, Alto Electronics will further exert its advantages in the field of XR virtual shooting, promote the visual performance of virtual production to a higher level, and open up a broader market space for the film and television broadcasting industry. 

Reviewing Editor: Peng Jing

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