The 18th China International Social and Public Security Expo was held in Shenzhen Futian Convention and Exhibition Center. Focusing on the theme of “building a smart city and building a smart community”, Alto Electronics focused on displaying equipment such as data centers (smart communities, digital twins, command center platforms), service halls (lobby assistants, mobile phone stations, guide stands, smart light poles, etc.) ) and immersive meeting room solutions.

At this exhibition, a variety of products of Alto Electronics appeared, and they were favored and praised by many engineering companies and integrators at the exhibition, and gained a lot! Alto Electronics also won the 2021 China Security Display Equipment by virtue of its own product advantages and professionalism Top 10 Influential Brands!

Smart Community Control and Command Center

The most popular exhibition area of ​​this booth is the command and control center of the smart community. Alto Electronic Smart Community Control and Command Center is built around the concept of “people’s sense of happiness and belonging to the area they live in”. Starting from the three major needs of smart security, community management and information scenarios, Alto Electronics uses high-definition smart AI cameras to scientifically adjust the installation angle to cover the floor as a whole. Cooperate with the back-end AI algorithm data processing, store it on the back-end big data command center platform, and combine with the CVES0.9 Mini 8K LED monitoring and visual display large screen to provide real-time scene monitoring and decision-making suggestions for the community management center, creating a brand-new smart community Management paths and practice patterns.

On the basis of making full use of the integrated application of new technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, digital twin, and AI technology, Alto Electronics integrates information and communication technology, 3D modeling, high-precision maps, global positioning systems, simulation, intelligent control, etc. A variety of technologies enable the digital community and the physical community to integrate virtual and real, and to be twinned. Alto Electronic Smart Community Control and Command Center provides important support for establishing a diversified and multi-level community service system and promoting the modernization of community governance system and governance capabilities.

Service hall display area

The smart service hall mainly exhibits the most popular technology products, including lobby assistants, mobile phone stations, 5G smart light poles, and advanced equipment for navigation platforms.

lobby assistant

Alto Electronics “Lobby Assistant” is a full-process security smart service product designed to reduce the workload of lobby managers. The lobby assistant provides functions such as business consultation, queue management, intelligent guidance, and online reservation. Through face recognition, voice interaction and other artificial intelligence technologies combined with big data applications, the lobby manager assists the lobby manager in fulfilling the responsibilities of identifying customers, welcoming customers, business guidance, business consultation, number distribution, and marketing recommendations. During the epidemic, the intelligent lobby assistant can realize safety prevention and control through intelligent temperature measurement and mask detection, and intelligent voice interaction can realize contactless use.

mobile station

AOTO electronic mobile phone intelligent management system (“AOTO mobile station”) is a smart phone storage cabinet based on user identification system, which is aimed at user-friendly mobile phone management. Diversified identification functions: it can be identified by face, voiceprint, fingerprint, ID card, IC card, QR code, etc.

The storage cabinet also integrates artificial intelligence, smart security and other technologies to provide services such as dynamic allocation of mobile phone access, time-based management of mobile phones, and unified cloud management of mobile phones. It can be applied to campuses, gymnasiums, enterprises, political and legal systems, research institutes, troops, etc. A variety of diverse scenarios.


Alto electronic navigation platform is not only a powerful intelligent query device for digital financial outlets, but also a comprehensive information query platform, which is beautiful, intelligent and full of technology. The equipment adopts a 1080p high-definition LCD panel and is equipped with a stable metal bracket, which can be used in various intelligent branches of banks, multi-functional exhibition halls of government agencies, and communication companies such as China Mobile, China Unicom, and Telecom. Information query, product information reading or floor navigation guidance and other services can be carried out through touch to improve the convenience and experience of visitors.

5G smart light pole

Alto Electronics’ smart 5G light pole equipment can be installed in important traffic sections with high traffic flow and people in the city. It also has various functions such as information release, smart lighting, camera monitoring, one-key alarm, public broadcasting, environmental monitoring, charging piles, mobile phone charging, 5G base stations, etc. Function, “Multi-purpose with one shot”. Real-time control, security monitoring and data collection of various subsystems can be achieved through the smart city IoT management platform developed by Alto Electronics Intelligent Video Technology Research Institute. Let the value of the light pole be fully utilized!

Solutions exhibition area of ​​immersive conference all-in-one machine

Alto Electronics creates an immersive conference room space through the SID intelligent all-in-one machine, which can achieve a real “face-to-face” meeting presentation across distances. The all-in-one machine integrates many functions of wireless screen projection, electronic whiteboard, and split-screen interaction, which can meet the needs of remote conference office in various places. Wireless screen projection, real-time one-key sharing; high-definition touch, online annotation at any time; highly integrated, screen split screen display, SID intelligent all-in-one machine elevates human-computer interaction to a new level. Not only has powerful functions, but also has high screen brightness, good display effect, low noise and no interference. Alto electronic LED display is almost “a must for conference room display”, and it has become an ideal choice for high-end conference rooms of government agencies and major enterprises.

Having been deeply involved in the industry for many years, as a leading intelligent video solution provider, Alto Electronics has created a complete set of intelligent management and visualization solutions from real-time terminal data collection to terminal ultra-high-resolution display. Whether it is an urban community or a security organization, the visualized, intelligent, and high-definition intelligent video products and solutions provided by Alto Electronics will protect the safety of a party with reliable quality all the time. This award is the high recognition of Alto Electronics display products by the Security Industry Organizing Committee.

In the future, Alto Electronics will focus on the security field, continue to invest in research and development, connect technological innovation, marketing innovation and service innovation with market demand, and make full efforts!

Original title: Promoting smart management of urban security, Alto Electronics shines at the Expo

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