Recently, the LED virtual studio jointly built by Alto electronics and Xiantu film and television was officially put into use. This studio is located in Yangpu, Shanghai, covering an area of about 400 m2. The purpose of setting up the studio is to provide services for film and television production, commercial advertising, television broadcasting, and rapid network content production.

The application of LED screen as the shooting method of virtual shooting background has been widely recognized at home and abroad in recent years. Compared with traditional green screen shooting, performers can not only get an immersive performance experience, but also creators can create unlimited digital scenes and get real-time powerful light and shadow reflection effects. Real time rendering of the composite picture can not only save a lot of post production time, but also make the crew have the possibility of scene switching and shooting in a short time to complete complex shooting with high difficulty and large scheduling.

In the Shanghai LED digital virtual studio created by Alto electronics, the curved LED screen hardware is composed of U series and M series LED displays of Alto electronics. As new small spacing LED display screen products, they adopt black technology moisture-proof treatment and nano coating treatment on the module surface, which can achieve the effect of dust-proof and moisture-proof; Even under low brightness, the gray level of the display screen is almost perfect. Its display level and brightness are higher than that of the traditional display screen, and it can also show more image details without information loss. Low power consumption and strong stability make it have good cost performance.

Based on alto’s excellent U-series and M-series LED displays, this advanced studio is not only suitable for large screen film and television production, but also can be widely used in the production of virtual idol live broadcast and high realistic virtual personification content.

In the face of the high popularity of the market, alto Electronics will vigorously promote the deep integration of LED display technology and virtual photography technology in the future, so as to tap the possibility of more applications of LED in the field of virtual photography and open a greater imagination space for the market.

Original title: LED virtual studio created by Alto electronics is put into use in Shanghai

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