Automotive manufacturers (OEMs) are increasingly demanding air quality, fuel efficiency and vehicle safety standards, which is why electric vehicles have become increasingly popular in the market. The electric vehicle and hybrid vehicle market is expected to continue to grow rapidly in the future, but the design of traction motors must meet requirements such as performance, energy efficiency and safety, which presents new challenges for motor control system engineers. Allegro’s single-chip magnetic gear tooth sensor ATS17501 can help engineers meet these challenges.

Leading technical performance

The ATS17501 is a gear tooth sensor IC designed for electric vehicle traction motors, providing incremental position for motors with speeds up to 30k rpm. The sensor embodies Allegro’s decades of expertise in automotive sensors and can help solve engineers’ most pressing traction motor design challenges, including vibration in startup and operating modes, high rotational speeds, mechanical space constraints, high operating temperatures, and ISO 26262 safety requirements, etc.

ATS17501 functional block diagram

The ATS17501 has the following market-leading performance:

Fast switching up to 40kHz (30k rpm operation)

Advanced algorithm suppresses unwanted output pulses in Start and Run modes

Patented integrated magnet packaging technology reduces design complexity and enables smaller motors

Operating temperature up to 160°C

ASIL-B Compliant

Two independent output channels with selectable high-resolution XOR velocity, pulse and direction protocols

Optional fault detection output protocol

Unaffected by common external magnetic field disturbances

EEPROM enables factory traceability throughout the product lifecycle

Meet the requirements of high speed and low vibration

The ATS17501 provides the industry’s fastest switching up to 40 kHz, can directly measure rotating iron gear speeds up to 30k rpm, and provides incrementally encoded outputs with speed and direction information on a two-channel interface.

The ATS17501 integrates advanced digital signal processing technology to improve the stability of the traction motor in start and run modes, and provides motor commutation information by integrating Allegro’s patented SolidSpeed ​​Digital Architecture. The ATS17501 is also highly adaptive, adapting to changes and disturbances in the environment and mechanical systems.

The ATS17501 uses a flexible and intelligent digital architecture with high-resolution quadrature speed outputs, while a differential Hall-sensing architecture provides high immunity to stray fields.

Meets strict safety and emissions standards

The ATS17501 adopts the certified ISO 26262:2011 safety design process, integrates real-time diagnostics, and can achieve ASIL-B (D) levels, which is a safety guarantee for various application environments.

Traction motors used in a variety of vehicles have great potential to help improve energy efficiency and maintain air quality, and the ATS17501 can help automotive OEMs meet stringent emissions requirements while increasing range.

The ATS17501 is housed in a one-piece 4-pin SIP SG package with fully integrated magnets to reduce footprint and optimize air gap and temperature performance. This integrated package also provides the highest level of reliability and predictability required for traction motor designs.

Original title: Allegro’s single-chip magnetic gear-tooth sensor designed for applications such as traction motors

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