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“IOT core, digital intelligence world”

2021 (18th) China Internet of things industry conference and brand event

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It’s on!

It’s on!

It’s on!


It coincides with the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China

At the same time, we ushered in the first year of the 14th five year plan

It is also a watershed year for the digital transformation of many enterprises

This year

Ups and downs in the development of Internet of things industry

Internet of things enterprises seek development against the wind

Highlight brand spirit and value

If an enterprise is strong, China is strong!

In the Starry Sea of scientific and technological innovation, how to capture new outlets under the reconstruction of industrial pattern? The 2021 (18th) China IOT Industry Conference and brand event – “IOT core students, digital intelligence world”, jointly sponsored by Huicong IOT and Huicong electronic network, is ready to go. The [registration channel] will be officially opened on September 17, 2021, and the award ceremony will be held in December.

As a brand feature selection activity heavily built by Huicong Internet of things and Huicong electronic network over the years, the brand event has ushered in the 18th session from the first session in 2003 to this year, refining the strongest strength of the enterprise brand and crowned the annual award as the main force rising in the new era!

Over the past 18 years, we have witnessed the rise of a number of excellent enterprises, as well as the breaking of the border of the security industry towards the pan security and Internet of things industries

The awards of this brand event cover the whole industry chain of the Internet of things, and a total of 12 awards determine the final top 10. The whole process of the activity lasted for 3 months, with the help of not only industry authoritative experts, but also representatives of enterprise executives and high-quality engineers.

So far, we sincerely invite representatives of powerful and potential Internet of things enterprises and engineering companies to participate in the selection and participate in an annual feast for Internet of things people.



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Six reasons for running

Why participate in the selection of Huicong brand event?

① Eighteen years of industrial accumulation, be a loyal companion on the road to enterprise rise

In the spring of 2003, seven core senior executives and industry experts held a one-day closed door meeting at Huicong headquarters in Beijing. On this day, a far-reaching event in China’s security industry came into being – Huicong Internet of things “selection of top ten brands in security industry” was grandly launched for the first time.


In the past 18 years, Huicong has witnessed a batch of excellent security brands becoming bigger and stronger, and more and more listed companies in China’s security industry… In the era of Internet of things, intelligent security releases dividends, the Internet of things industry with video as the core has broad application prospects, and Huicong’s brand selection has also been transformed. The “top ten security brands” are upgraded to “top ten Internet of things brands” to accelerate the ushering in a new highland of industrial development pattern.

② The “ace” expert panel endorsed the strength of the brand

Huicong Internet of things has been deeply engaged in the industry for 22 years, creating a precedent for the selection activity, endorsed by 10 + authoritative experts, and joined 1000 + enterprises in the Internet of things industry to participate in the selection activity, leading the industry. Comprehensively score the participating enterprises and engineering companies from a professional perspective in combination with the four dimensions of enterprise scale, profitability, product / technology innovation, brand awareness and influence, go through layers of difficulties, and finally win the award.


At this brand event, we invite many industry experts and leaders of security and electronics associations to endorse the fair, fair and open process of brand event selection, discuss the development plan of the Internet of things industry and explore a new height of industrial development!

③ All media matrix exposure, influence and global coverage

As the pioneer of brand selection activities, Huicong brand event has been concerned by the industry since it was held in 2003, including the support and attention of major industry media.



Full matrix promotion such as PC + traditional media + new media + on-site media display of the conference, continuous output in the form of text + Video + special topics, in-depth coverage by 300 + mainstream media, attracted the attention of people in the whole industry chain of security, Internet of things and electronics, and promoted the transformation and upgrading of the industry.

④ Linkage between upstream and downstream industries to build a bridge of cooperation and communication

Join local industry associations to gather 2000 + upstream, middle and downstream enterprises in the Internet of things industry chain, including chip manufacturers, security dealers, integrators and terminal manufacturers, so as to achieve full industry coverage, build a face-to-face communication platform for buyers and enterprises, and achieve transaction matching and cross-border exchanges.

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⑤ Focus on the hottest topics in the industry and lead the industry fashion

At the scene of the brand event, the conference will be in line with the hottest topics in the industry, focus on the current affairs hotspots of thousands of industries such as “Internet of everything, data intelligence, smart city, upstream lack of core and AI + security”, deeply discuss the industrial development trend and analyze the existing pain and difficulties of the industry with people in the industry.

Create 8 + summit forums and keynote speeches, gather celebrities to discuss, tap the in-depth content of the industry, and explore new industrial opportunities.


⑥ Annual award ceremony, crowned with the highest honor

The enterprises shortlisted for the top 10 awards lead the development of the industry with excellent products or innovative technologies, and promote industrial progress with the spirit of forge ahead and overcoming difficulties. They are not only an outstanding representative of the Internet of things industry, but also a concentrated embodiment of the self-improvement of enterprises and the promotion of national strength. At the award ceremony in December, experts, representatives of associations and representatives of Huicong Internet of things presented honorary medals to the award-winning enterprises.

The award-winning enterprises lead the development of the industry with well-known products and promote industrial progress with a pioneering and enterprising spirit. They are not only an outstanding representative of the Internet of things industry, but also a concentrated embodiment of the enterprise spirit and industry honor.


Award setting


Selection process


Selection rules


Application Guide

Registration time:

September 17 – October 22

There are more than one of the top ten brand events [entry points],

Watch it!

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You can sign up by scanning the code

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Following the official WeChat official account / official WeChat service number of “HC Confederation” or “HC Confederation platform”, click on the ten brands of -2021 in the menu bar.


Entry 3

Enter the homepage of the official website of HC Internet of things (www.secu. HC360. Com), click the website advertisement to enter the registration page, and scan the QR code of the special page to enter the registration page.


Who will win the top ten awards and officially “debut”?

I look forward to meeting you in Shenzhen in December,

Let’s witness the stars shining at the grand ceremony!

What are you waiting for? Come and sign up!

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