Recently, with the smooth opening of bangjiaotun 4G base station in Guzhou village, Luoman Town, Liujiang District, Liuzhou City, Guangxi, 871 4G base stations of Guangxi 2020 telecom universal service pilot project undertaken by China Telecom Guangxi company have been completed and opened, benefiting 120000 villagers in remote mountain areas.

The 2020 telecom universal service pilot project is a people-friendly project supported by the state to build 4G networks in remote rural areas and border areas. Guangxi has been approved to build 1814 4G base stations in the pilot project. China Telecom Guangxi company has implemented the CSR social responsibility with practical actions, actively participated in the construction of telecom universal service projects, and allocated matching funds from limited construction funds to strive for and implement the pilot projects of universal telecommunications services. In the construction of telecom universal service pilot project in 2020, China Telecom Guangxi invested 350 million yuan to undertake the construction of 866 4G base stations in natural villages in remote areas of 14 districts and cities in the region and 5 4G base stations along the border.

All 4G base stations of Guangxi Telecom have been completed and opened

Time is tight and the task is heavy. In order to speed up the implementation progress of the project, let the people enjoy the development dividend of modern communication technology as soon as possible before the new year, and help Guangxi win the battle against poverty, China Telecom Guangxi company attaches great importance to and carefully organizes, and leaders at all levels of the company go deep into the first-line supervision to help solve the problems encountered in construction. All grass-roots units give full play to the role of Party organizations as fighting fortresses, organize Party member commandos to tackle key problems in project construction, raise people’s shoulders, carry cattle carts, and catch up with the progress day and night. In the construction sprint stage, the front-line construction personnel of some construction sites in Guilin, Liuzhou, Hechi and Baise braved the severe cold and freezing to grasp the construction progress. Hechi branch, which undertook the construction of 233 base stations, completed the construction task ahead of schedule and was highly praised by local villagers. Baise branch, which undertook the heaviest task, completed the construction of 352 4G base stations and 1500 km base station optical cables three days in advance. So far, China Telecom Guangxi company has completed the construction of all pilot projects, built 4455 km of base station optical cable, solved the problem of no Telecom 4G network coverage in 1627 natural villages and 6.2 km of border areas, and benefited 120000 villagers in remote mountain areas.

It is the firm goal of Guangxi Telecom people to cover every corner of Bagui land, send it to every villager’s home, fill the digital divide in poor and remote areas, and provide high-quality 4G network information services for local people to rush to a better life. After the completion of the project, the 4G network coverage of Telecom in more than 20 natural villages in the region will reach 95.60%, and the 4G network coverage of Telecom in all natural villages will reach 90.73%.

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