It is reported that SCU is a new sales form of storage products, which can provide customers with the best flexibility in the use of resources while taking into account customers’ demands for long-term cost optimization. Compared with the sales form of pay as you go, SCU can save customers up to 67% of the cost. At the same time, a single SCU can deduct the pay as you go bills of various types of cloud disks at the same time, which greatly simplifies the complexity of customers’ purchase decision and daily operation and maintenance.

On December 2, 2019, at the Alibaba cloud Guangdong summit, Alibaba cloud announced that the storage capacity unit (SCU) was officially launched for public beta, which can be used to offset the pay as you go bills of many different types of cloud disks. Compared with the prepaid purchase mode with ECS, the combination of SCU and pay as you go cloud disk has both cost performance and resource flexibility.

Peng alicloud storage Yaxiong, head of alicloud products, said that with the deepening of customer digital transformation, more and more customers are embracing containerization and micro service architecture, and the use of IAAs layer resources is becoming more and more flexible. As an innovative sales form, SCU provides customers with the best cost optimization scheme while maintaining the flexibility in the use of resources. Customers can convert between different types of products without involving cumbersome and lengthy financial processes.

According to the platform architecture director of an Internet of things company, “after using SCU, the cost has been greatly optimized and the management is simpler. The usage mode is also as flexible as the previous pay as you go model. We expect SCU to support more types of storage products. ” Third party statistics show that in 2022, 75% of global enterprises will use container applications in production. Cloud native infrastructure needs to use cloud resources more flexibly. SCU, as the world’s first universal storage sales form, will provide Alibaba cloud customers with the most flexible ability to use cloud resources.


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