At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, the topic “2022 Semiconductor Industry Outlook” planned by Electronic Enthusiast Network received forward-looking opinions from more than 60 senior executives of semiconductor innovation leaders at home and abroad. This time, electronics enthusiasts specially interviewed Dr. Qiu Xiaoshen, the founder and CEO of Aixin Yuanzhi. The following is her analysis and outlook on the semiconductor market in 2022.

Dr. Qiu Xiaoshen, Founder and CEO of Aixin Yuanzhi

In the past year, the industry is still in a state of adjustment. We can see more major technology companies and cutting-edge entrepreneurs entering the AI ​​chip track. This is a good situation for the industry itself to let a hundred flowers bloom and the fittest survive.

In the past two years, Aixin Yuanzhi has launched two series of chip products, AX630 and AX620, at the rate of one generation per year. Two core technical advantages – mixed precision NPU technology and AI-ISP technology, provide customers with a better video experience and ample end-side computing power platform, and realize the commercialization of multi-category products in the fields of smart cities and smart transportation.
At the same time, we have completed A and A+ rounds of financing in the past year. Investors include well-known institutions and companies such as Qiming Venture Capital, Weihao Ventures, Meituan, Lenovo Star, etc. The overall financing process is smooth.

We also completed the overall brand upgrade in the third quarter of 2021, interpreting the meaning of the four words Aixin Yuanzhi, hoping to convey to the outside world the mission of expanding people’s cognitive boundaries with AI vision chips, and becoming the vision of a leading company in the AI ​​vision chip industry .

Recently, the concept of metaverse has reappeared and attracted widespread attention from the technology and investment circles. The underlying reason for its popularity is a reflection of the accelerated implementation of technologies such as AI, 5G, and network communication technology. Because this concept puts forward extremely high requirements including computing power and data. Regardless of the real impact that the Metaverse concept can have at present, its rise has indeed pressed the switch for the accelerated development of technologies such as AI, 5G, and the Internet of Things. In the coming 2022, the speed of the implementation of these technologies is bound to accelerate.

As far as Aixin Yuanzhi is concerned, it took the lead in practicing AI-ISP technology in the design of intelligent video SOC, and broke through the “ceiling” of traditional video processing capabilities in some extreme scenarios. At the same time, we have made a subversive design for the NPU. Under the joint architecture of our own ISP and NPU, AICIN’s products can greatly improve the image quality of multiple key modules in the traditional ISP and reduce the power consumption of DDR. , so that the NPU performance can be successfully increased by more than 50%.

In the future, we believe that AI vision chips will continue to improve user perception satisfaction. We hope to realize intelligent human-computer interaction through the integration of some non-visible light technologies and structured light technologies.

In recent years, the epidemic has been repeated and the market environment is full of many uncertainties. We believe that the epidemic has stimulated people’s demand for digital applications and artificial intelligence products to a certain extent. When the epidemic gradually dissipates, all walks of life should really consider how to continue the trend of technology empowering the physical industry. For example, the global epidemic has promoted new working models, and the demand for technologies and products such as online office, video conferencing, AR, and VR has increased. AI Naturally, the demand for semiconductor chips has risen accordingly.

Today, no matter smartphones, smart wearables, smart transportation or other artificial intelligence application scenarios, there is a broader development space in China. We will continue to deepen the industry, help customers complete product upgrade iterations and ecological construction, and realize more business cases. landing.

At present, the shortage of chips is a global problem, and it is expected to continue for a period of time, but combined with the long-term development law of the chip industry, “chip shortage and price increase” will not be a long-term state. At present, only by maintaining open cooperation among international giants can the current situation be alleviated more quickly. Of course, this also provides a good opportunity for Chinese chip companies to catch up and achieve sudden emergence.

In the long run, the center of gravity of the semiconductor industry is gradually shifting to China, and the development momentum of my country’s chip industry is good. The epidemic has made the government and the public see the power of technology and the broad prospects of high-tech applications. Emerging industries such as 5G large-scale commercialization, new energy vehicles, consumer electronics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and cloud services will also It has become a powerful driving force for the development of my country’s chip industry. It is hoped that partners in the ecological chain will actively cooperate, hold together for warmth, overcome current difficulties, and jointly help China’s chip industry move to a new level.

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