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Annual World Artificial Intelligence Conference

It’s finally here!

September 1-3

Aixin Yuanzhi stationed in booth C412 of the Shanghai World Expo Center to create a theme exhibition area of ​​””Core” to the future without boundaries]

From the Chinese name of AI-ISP debut

Real-time display to chip families and black box labs

Multi-category applications presented from smart consumption

To the strong alliance of Aixin developer ecology

Highlights of the exhibition area of ​​Aixin Yuanzhi continue

Next, we will bring you a live broadcast

Let’s see together!

“Love Core Wisdom Eyes”! AI-ISP has a Chinese name as the core self-developed technology of the company. Aixin Yuanzhi AI-ISP officially announced the Chinese name in WAIC2022——Aixin Zhimou, which means that Aixin Yuanzhi will use its own visual perception + computing technology Advantages, let AI-ISP become the eye of wisdom in the physical world, and make life better due to continuous breakthroughs in horizons.

Obscura Lab: Can the imaging effect be so hard under extremely low illumination? Stepping into the AICIN exhibition area, the most eye-catching thing is the black box test. Here, you can compare the images in real time to feel the excellent picture quality effect presented by AI-ISP technology in dark light environment. From starlight to black light, you can tell how hardcore it is at a glance!

A group photo of Aixin Yuanzhi chip family, arrange!

In just three years, Aixin Yuanzhi has successfully developed and mass-produced two generations of five end-side and edge-side AI visual perception chips. AX630A, AX620A, AX620U, AX170A and AX720A were unveiled together this time. The whole series has a huge lineup and landed Rich scenes!

In addition to the chip family portrait

Go inside the exhibition area

It is the industrial layout and application solutions of chip products

Landing demonstrations in various fields

Unlock new experience of smart consumption

Mobile phone image quality enhancement: AX170A, as an image-specific AI processing chip developed by Aixin Yuanzhi, has passed the acceptance of mobile phone top brand customers and is commercially available in flagship phones. Through the comparison and presentation of the “Night Scene Enhancement” function, we can clearly see the superior imaging capabilities of the AX170A in low-light and low-light conditions, bringing the ultimate shooting experience to mobile phone users.

Underwater robot: AX620A is built-in, which can realize underwater AI dark light full-color, AI deturbidity and other processing, and can also shoot clearly underwater. It can be upgraded by OTA in the later stage, and it can truly recognize fish “at a glance”.

Scalable camera: AXI Yuanzhi AX620U core board can be widely used in AIoT scenarios, and has the advantages of fast wake-up and ultra-low power consumption.

Be the “eyes” of a smart city

Dual-light fusion: The industry’s first AI-ISP dual-light fusion product measured results display, high color fidelity, 0.01lux extremely low illumination native natural details reproduction.

Embedded edge computing box: 28.8T surging computing power, 16-channel video stream analysis, helping to realize the intelligent upgrading of cities.

make driving safer

Black light BSD smart camera: Built-in AXIN Yuanzhi AX620A, it can work around the clock, especially in dark night scenes, intelligently detect obstacles such as people, cars, cyclists, roadsides, railings and other obstacles in the blind spot of the vehicle, and give early warning and alarm.

4K driving recorder: Built-in AX620A, which can realize 4K black light night vision, lane deviation/starting of the vehicle in front/distance warning of the vehicle in front, distance warning of rear vehicle, traffic light reminder, pedestrian recognition reminder.

The developer ecology of Aixin Yuanzhi is a new force in this exhibition area:

Based on the self-developed AX620A chip, Aixin Yuanzhi has built an open source ecological community development board AX-Pi, which supports multiple devices and multiple scenarios, making edge AI ubiquitous.

AX-Pi also provides traditional system software and documentation for use with AX-Pi, and opens a bounty task to encourage community developers to submit interesting samples to the AX-Samples open source project, to fix any problems in code and documentation, and to improve openness. Efficiency, unite more developers to explore the future of edge AI intelligence, and let the endless AI power unite!

At the scene, the smart tracking camera based on AX-Pi was also displayed, and the audience can directly experience the wonderful interaction of bone recognition technology!

The debut of this global AI field

Influential industry event

Aixin Yuanzhi also communicated with media and industry representatives

conducted in-depth communication


Aixin Yuanzhi will continue to focus on “perception + computing”

Committed to building the world’s leading AI chip

With the “core” to the future, the vision is boundless!

Reviewing editor: Peng Jing

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