Beijing, China, September 9, 2021 – AI vision chip R & D and basic computing platform company – Aisin technology was officially renamed as Aisin Yuanzhi semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Aisin Yuanzhi”) and announced the completion of brand upgrading. After the brand upgrade, Aisin Yuanzhi will deliver a series of contents such as brand concept, brand elements, technical product direction and landing situation to the industry and partners.

According to the data, Aisin Yuanzhi was established in May 2019, focusing on building artificial intelligence vision processor chips with high performance and low power consumption. The core technology products support a variety of AI visual tasks and are widely used in smart cities, smart communities, smart driving, smart retail, smart home, smart wear and other fields. The first AI visual processing chip ax630a independently developed by Aisin Yuanzhi has achieved mass production in December 2020, and the second chip ax620a has been successfully lit up in July 2021, and will begin formal customer promotion soon.

It is understood that the brand name change of Aisin Yuanzhi is inspired by its English name axera, which means the era of Aisin. At the same time, it explains the technical originality of Aisin Yuanzhi and the enterprise philosophy of maintaining the original heart and adhering to the original. It not only reflects the vitality and vitality of Aisin Yuanzhi as a start-up company, but also represents its brand vision – to become a leading enterprise in the AI vision chip industry. “Aisin Yuanzhi itself conveys our concept, that is, the era of Aisin. We hope to rely on our original technologies and products and bring relevant industries into an era created by Aisin Yuanzhi through our efforts,” said Dr. Qiu Xiaoxin, founder and CEO of Aisin Yuanzhi.

In addition to the name change, in this brand upgrade, Aisin Yuanzhi also conveyed the company’s new development direction – it will pay more attention to the edge and end-to-end artificial intelligence chip research and development, give full play to the ability of AI, and provide edge and end-to-end support for the world’s digital and intelligent new infrastructure.

In terms of core technology, the concept of Aisin Yuanzhi is to use technology to create products with high computing power, low power consumption and high computing power utilization. Dr. Qiu Xiaoxin said that computing power is the foundation, and effective high NPU utilization can make computing power have better practical performance. At present, Aisin Yuanzhi has the industry-leading hybrid precision NPU. With the industry-leading advantages of high computing power, low cost and low power consumption, it provides an efficient AI basic computing platform for the industry and partners. Moreover, Aisin Yuanzhi also has self-developed AI ISP image processing technology. Based on the joint architecture design of its own ISP and NPU, it can greatly improve the performance of multiple key modules in traditional ISPs, create a world-class excellent image quality “model room” and provide infrastructure for customers to expand graphics and image business.

In terms of products, Aixin Yuanzhi also adheres to independent research and development and source technology innovation, so that its products can maintain a leading edge in the industry. Two self-developed edge AI vision chips ax630a and ax620a can provide partners with full stack solutions through the advantages of high computing power, low power consumption and high computing power utilization, Meet the product needs of customers in different scenarios.

In addition, in terms of brand culture, Aisin Yuanzhi consistently conveys its corporate culture to the outside world with a low-key, pragmatic, rational and rigorous image of mature engineers, which stems from long-term exploration in the chip field, making Aisin Yuanzhi have a good quality of prudence, sureness and toughness.

As Qiu Xiaoxin said: “love core Yuanzhi should adhere to its own set of unique ideas, be loyal to its own technological beliefs, constantly innovate and study advanced technology, firmly believe that our technology can bring some differences to the world, and believe that we will come to the day of success.”

In terms of talent system construction, Aixin Yuanzhi pays more attention to team stability and diversity. Love core Yuanzhi not only has the young strength who has just entered the workplace, but also has senior industry experts who have worked for several years, ten years or even more, thus forming a stable and healthy talent echelon and ensuring the healthy development of the company. Today, Aisin Yuanzhi has nearly 300 members and has established a full-featured team from R & D to production to product landing and customer support.

In the future, Aisin Yuanzhi will take this brand upgrade as a new starting point, take becoming a leading enterprise of edge AI chips as its development goal, and provide users with a powerful AI basic computing platform through independent innovation, so that more people can have a different vision and see an unimaginable world.

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