DuPont Sponsors Urban Water Optimization Index

Economist Impact today launched the inaugural City Water Optimization Index sponsored by DuPont, which will measure how well cities around the world are ensuring the reliability, accessibility and sustainability of water. The index can serve as a measurement tool for city leaders, policymakers and regulators to make resource, investment and policy decisions to increase access to safe, affordable and reliable water.

Unlike other indices that focus on water scarcity or water quality, the Urban Water Optimisation Index creates a common framework to measure the many factors that contribute to an optimised and adequate water supply. Its findings consist of 47 quantitative and qualitative indicators used to assess the extent to which each city's policies and infrastructure protect water supply, treatment and distribution networks.

The index's results are encouraging, with cities with different geographic, climatic and socioeconomic factors achieving commendable results in two of the three categories of reliability and accessibility. In the sustainability category, however, results were mixed, measuring how to minimise waste and maximise efficiency, key factors in ensuring access to water for future generations.

MulticoreWare partners with Melexis

Recently, MulticoreWare and Melexis have entered into a collaboration, which proves that artificial intelligence can effectively achieve powerful performance using ToF cameras for a wide range of in-vehicle applications such as driver authentication, drowsiness detection, driver attention detection, etc.

MulticoreWare used the Melexis EVK75027 ToF evaluation kit to develop face recognition algorithm modules for face detection, face recognition, drowsiness/distraction detection, and anti-fraud detection.

This further expands the use of Melexis evaluation kits for third-party software solutions. The existing Melexis Evaluation Kit software solution enables easy evaluation of Melexis time-of-flight technology in end-user applications.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Airbus was formally established

Airbus Atlantic, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Airbus, a global player in aerostructures, was officially launched on January 1, 2022. The new company combines the strengths, resources and skills of Airbus in Nantes and Montois – de-Bretagne, central functions related to its activities, and STELIA Aerospace sites worldwide.

This unification is part of a transformation project announced in April 2021 to strengthen the value chain of aircraft structural assembly within Airbus' industrial system, an activity considered a core business. It signifies the intent to gain competitiveness, innovation and quality for Airbus' plans today and tomorrow.

With 13,000 employees in 5 countries and 3 continents and an estimated business volume of around 3.5 billion euros, Airbus Atlantic ranks second in the world in aircraft structure, first in pilot seating, and in business and first class The top three seats for cabin passengers continue to be sold under the STELIA Aerospace brand.

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Reviewing Editor: Peng Jing

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