In recent years, the aiot industry has developed rapidly. Driven by 5g, big data and other technologies, it is expected that the penetration rate of artificial intelligence in the IOT field will increase rapidly in the next few years. In 2019, the global market size of aiot is about 226 billion US dollars. It is estimated that by 2022, the global market size of aiot will reach 482 billion US dollars, with a compound annual growth rate of 28.6%.

Although the aiot era of IOT has arrived, the follow-up still needs continuous innovation of developers. How to let developers get more development inspiration and have more ideas collision, so as to better help the rapid development of aiot industry. Graffiti intelligence, the global aiot leading enterprise, and Gartner jointly released the 2021 global aiot developer ecological white paper.

This white paper is obtained by interviewing 35 developers from 15 industries at home and abroad. It is divided into two versions in Chinese and English. It is divided into four parts: current situation, practice, challenge and prospect. It gathers a large number of solutions and developers’ practical experience. I believe it can bring new inspiration to developers.

Developers are the key to the takeoff of aiot industry

The rapid development of aiot industry is inseparable from the developers who have the courage to innovate and dream. It is they who actively reduce the development threshold, push down the industry barriers, break the isolated island of data, and build an open ecology. Only in this way can the intelligent alliance of all things be truly realized.

Najingdan, vice president of graffiti smart market and strategic cooperation and CMO, said, “with this book, I would like to express our gratitude and respect to the developers, who have opened the era of Internet of things. We believe that developers are the key to the industry’s take-off, and that the whole industry will continue to focus on the discussion from this year to next year. “

Vice president of graffiti smart market and strategic cooperation and CMO najingdan

The number of developers in the Internet of things industry is also rising. According to the statistics of Evans data, there are 23 million developers in the world in 2018, of which more than 2 million are focused on the Internet of things. It is expected that the overall scale of developers will reach 27.7 million in 2023, and the proportion of Internet of things developers will further increase with the expansion of the industry.

In the past six years, the IOT industry has undergone tremendous changes, from single agent intelligence to scene intelligence, and then to the Internet of things. Now more and more different manufacturers and developers begin to lay out the aiot ecology. They are operators, brands, channels, factories or all kinds of real estate companies. There are many developers who have made great efforts for the common prosperity of the industry.

Experience sharing helps developers find new directions

The production of this white paper is of great significance to developers. Many developers are willing to actively provide detailed information for the research of the white paper. At the same time, according to naringdan, when they share their global excellent cases with enterprises, they can really help enterprises in trouble find a new direction, which further confirms the aiot developer ecological white paper The significance of leather book.

Najingdan shared several cases. At the beginning of this year, a general manager of a listed company called graffiti in person to say that he heard that they were making a white paper for developers, and he was willing to provide very detailed cases and data for them to study. “I think what he values is the word developer, because he always emphasizes that they are authentic developers, especially in the IOT field,” he said

Another case is Lloyd, the first IOT brand in Mexico, which is a very excellent brand. In 2019, the whole house intelligence is still in its infancy. When most enterprises are doing single product intelligence, the company has linked more than 100 devices in its model room. At that time, there were no 100 devices connected in the graffiti exhibition hall. This team is based in aiot and smarth The domain of OME is very deep.

At the beginning of this year, because of the epidemic, Mexico was seriously affected. Many factories and enterprises were forced to close down, work from home or lay off staff. The company was also delayed in returning to work. The offline retail channel was expected to be affected. However, they encountered great difficulties and actively participated in the white paper research on graffiti.

“In the exchange between the two sides, we shared with them a lot of experience all over the world. Through the exchange, the company changed its strategy this year, changed TOC to tob, cooperated with many operators, real estate companies and other tob scenarios, and gave full play to their ability as service solution providers. As a result, their sales have increased many times by the end of this year. ” Najingdan said.

In another case, the head of IOT of a Philippine No.1 operator was unfortunately infected with the new coronavirus during the epidemic, and recovered after about a month of treatment. When graffiti interviewed him and asked them to provide some information, the person in charge had just recovered from a serious illness, and the whole person had already lost a lot of weight. Na Jingdan said: “seeing that so many developers still actively support our white paper making when the company is in trouble and their bodies are affected by the virus, we feel more responsibility and burden on ourselves.

Comprehensive understanding of aiot industry from current situation, practice and Prospect

This white paper is divided into four parts: current situation, practice, challenges and prospects. The largest part is practice. The content is from the above-mentioned interview with 15 industries and 35 developers, including solutions and intelligent practice. It analyzes the intelligent development of developers in smart city, smart home, smart business, smart industry and other fields in recent years The product and development direction.

In addition, the current situation, challenges and prospects section of the white paper also has a lot of dry goods content. The current situation mainly includes the overall scale of the aiot industry, the value distribution of the aiot industry chain, the investment situation of the aiot industry in recent years, and the analysis of the composition and market situation of the aiot industry from a macro perspective.

The challenge section focuses on the problems that developers need to face and pay attention to today, mainly in two aspects: the security of IOT platform and the confusion of IOT industry standards. “This part of the problem is the problem that developers and business developers will encounter. I hope people in the industry can have some thoughts on these problems,” he said

The outlook section talks about the six major trends in 2021, including developers becoming the key to the take-off of the industry, development platform becoming the main driving force of the industry, the integration of cutting-edge new technology and Internet of things, the scale of Internet of things in tob industry, industrial Internet platform assisting manufacturing upgrading, and new infrastructure accelerating the aiot industry. “We believe that next year will be a windbreak for aiot,” he said.

Generally speaking, in 2021, the aiot industry will continue to maintain a high-speed development trend, and the aiot industry has transited from the period of intelligent single product to the period of ecological platform. The developers decide which ecology can obtain absolute advantages, while the open platform determines which platform can attract enough developers.

Chinese and English versions of 2021 global aiot developer ecology white paper launched in the world

In recent years, the Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the development of mobile Internet of things. In February 2013, the State Council issued the guidance on promoting the orderly and healthy development of the Internet of things. In December 2018, the central economic work conference put forward the concept of new infrastructure, emphasizing the need to “accelerate the pace of 5g business, and strengthen the construction of new infrastructure such as artificial intelligence, industrial Internet and Internet of things”.

According to the data of global intelligent business, in 2019, China’s aiot market will reach about US $55 billion. Benefiting from policy support such as new infrastructure, it will reach US $128 billion in 2022, with a compound annual growth rate of about 33%.

“2021 global aiot developer ecological white paper” was launched in the world in the presence of Swedish investment agency, AWS, Philips, Shenzhen Security Association, China Lighting Association, China smart home industry alliance, Baise bird, Mirui technology, setwell and Hongshi electric appliances. The white paper’s analysis of the industry and judgment of future trends will bring great reference value to aiot industry developers.


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