Recently, Runhe software (300339) announced the launch of the first edge oriented Internet of things operating system hopeedge. Zhou Hongwei, chairman and President, said that this is another important milestone since the implementation of the company’s “one body and two wings” transformation strategy, and it is also the Sino Taiwan joint solution of Runhe software in the field of information and innovation (Huawei Kunpeng computing ecological certification) Digital smart marketing service platform (Huawei Kunpeng computing ecological certification), hihope AI infrared temperature measurement scheme (Huawei atlas 200 artificial intelligence computing platform compatibility test certification), intelligent distribution transformer terminal hrtt-1000 (type inspection of electromagnetic compatibility laboratory of automation equipment of State Grid and type inspection of experimental verification center of State Electric Power Research Institute) The fifth important breakthrough in a row.

Aiming at IOT edge computing, we are committed to contributing to the construction of domestic OS ecology

Hopeedge: Aiming at IOT edge computing and national production, it is committed to contributing to the construction of domestic OS ecology

Zhou Hongwei believes that under the influence of the domestic and foreign environment, the information and innovation industry will start to speed up in a large area in 2020. In the information and innovation landscape, domestic CPUs and domestic operating systems have attracted more and more attention from the government and all sectors of society because of their core position in the IT architecture. As the base technology connecting hardware and applications, the operating system is the most important part of building ecology. The reality that can not be ignored is that the domestic operating system is still in a follow-up position as a whole. Although considerable progress and local breakthroughs have been made in recent years, it still needs a long process to replace the mature ecosystem.

On the other hand, Zhou Hongwei also pointed out that the commercial use of 5g has further promoted the rapid development of IOT, and there is no monopoly operating system product in the domestic IOT field, which is a valuable time window. With its long-term accumulation in IOT and in-depth understanding of relevant industries, Runhe software officially approved the development task of edge computing operating system for IOT scenario at the beginning of the year. After less than half a year, the company’s first domestic edge computing system hopeedge OS was officially launched.

Analysis of four key features of hopeedge OS

Hopeedge OS aims to build Runhe software’s own IOT platform technology base and provide an intelligent operating system integrating software and hardware for relevant IOT schemes (see the end figure for the interface). Combined with the national information and innovation strategy, the strategic planning of Runhe software as one and two wings, and the understanding of the technical team on IOT, hopeedge OS mainly has four key characteristics:

1. Lightweight safety

Different from the general operating system, hopeedge OS adopts a minimalist design to reduce the footprint of the system to reduce the attacked area and provide basic guarantee for security.

2. Autonomous Control

Deeply combined with the national information innovation strategy, hopeedge OS is built based on the openeuler open source ecosystem to maximize sharing and contribution to the domestic OS ecosystem. Hopeedge OS focuses on adapting domestic independent chips, such as Huawei Kunpeng, megacore and Feiteng chips; At the same time, it integrates domestic open-source software, such as Huawei mindspire open-source AI framework, to promote the development of national information innovation strategy while sharing ecological dividends.

3. Efficient interconnection

In the future IOT era, a larger number and more types of devices will access the network. Providing an efficient interconnection framework is one of the main features of hopeedge OS. Hopeedge OS integrates the mainstream interconnection framework edgex to provide general and efficient interconnection capability. At the same time, it deeply optimizes the connection framework according to the characteristics of the industry and provides a high threshold interconnection platform.

4. Rapid deployment

Hopeedge OS supports container capabilities and provides container based deployment interfaces. Users can quickly deploy and upgrade applications through this interface. At the same time, the container provides an independent running environment for each application, which can effectively isolate the interaction between applications and improve the security and stability of the system.

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