Huacan Optoelectronics realizes mass supply of LED chips for plant lighting white light

Recently, HC Semitek’s high-efficiency lighting shipments have continued to increase. HC Semitek’s Mini LED backlight chips are widely used in smart screens, gaming monitors, smart TVs, etc. At present, the company has cooperated with a number of end customer companies , UV LED products have also achieved breakthroughs.

Liqing Company drives the market penetration rate of LED lamp modules to increase

Liqing’s LED vehicle lamp module products have rapidly heated up in the new car sales market in mainland China throughout the year. The LED vehicle lamp module market has also developed into technologies such as new energy vehicles, electric vehicles, energy saving and carbon reduction, and the supply of automotive chips has stabilized, satisfying customers. of various application requirements.

Aimeegis LED smart large screen empowers urban commercial development

With years of innovative methods to create LED smart transparent displays, IMEGS has eliminated the drawbacks of traditional LED displays in the market, created an immersive interactive experience, enhanced new business models, and promoted the construction of modern cities.
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