As we know, modern medicine has been very developed, and many diseases can be completely cured by drugs and surgery. But long-term hospitalization will affect people’s mental health, especially the vulnerable children. However, according to foreign media ZDNet, UCLA children’s hospital is using new AI robots to improve children’s mental health during treatment.

Robin is an AI robot created by the start-up company exper technologies, which aims to help hospitalized children overcome loneliness. Robin is made of fully recyclable bioplastics and can be disinfected with ultraviolet or other disinfectants to minimize the risk of virus infection. The robot, which is less than 4 feet high and weighs 55 pounds, has a child friendly design and can interact with children to distract them and reduce the pressure of their hospitalization.

AI robots help children improve their mental health during treatment

AI robots help children improve their mental health

The AI technology used by the robot has been patented. The technology can determine the relevant emotional reactions by analyzing the facial expression and dialogue environment, so that the robot can establish emotional interaction with children. The robot builds a memory model so that it can react intelligently according to the pattern formed by previous experience. It can remember the child’s emotion, conversation style, facial expression and behavior style, and follow up dialogue according to specific personal characteristics.

Robin is equipped with an omni-directional roller system to navigate the hospital and visit multiple patients in a day


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