BMW recently announced that it will use NVIDIA’s Isaac robot platform to upgrade the automatic chemical plant through the logistics robot equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) computing and visualization technology.

AI robot assists BMW automatic chemical plant to upgrade

It is reported that BMW sells more than 2.5 million vehicles every year and provides customers with more than 100 customized options, which is a great challenge for factory logistics. To this end, BMW will introduce the ISAAC system into factories all over the world, hoping to improve factory logistics and enable customized cars to be produced more quickly and efficiently.

NVIDIA’s official website also pointed out that the focus of this cooperation is to implement an end-to-end system equipped with NVIDIA technology from training, testing to deployment through robots running on the ISAAC platform and developed using a single software architecture.

They will support DGX AI system and Isaac simulation technology to train and test robots; There is also Quadro ray tracing GPU rendering synthetic machine parts to enhance the training effect.

The five AI robots expected to be adopted by BMW will use deep neural network technology to strengthen the ability of perception and human posture recognition, which will help the robot understand the environment, detect objects, automatically navigate and move animal parts. The ultimate goal is to improve the logistics process, including the automatic transportation of materials by the robot, and the selection and organization of parts.

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