On August 10, the State Food and Drug Administration announced that the innovative product “diabetic retinopathy analysis software” of Shanghai Yingtong Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (airdoc) was successfully approved and registered by the State Drug Administration. This is the first time that the auxiliary diagnosis software of fundus lesions based on deep learning technology has been approved as three types of medical devices in China, marking another important achievement of the key project of “digital diagnosis and treatment equipment research and development” of the national key research and development plan.

According to Chen Yuzhong, chief medical officer of the company, Yingtong focuses on the application of artificial intelligence in the field of medical image recognition. The company’s artificial intelligence chronic disease recognition system can automatically read the retinal images taken by the fundus camera, and use the algorithm model to quickly identify, analyze and screen related chronic diseases.

Effective empowerment, early disease detection and early intervention

The data show that at present, the number of diabetic patients in China is about 114 million, the prevalence of diabetic retinopathy is 24.7% to 37.5%, and the number of diabetic retinopathy has exceeded 30 million, which has become the first blinding eye disease among working age people.

Strict control of blood glucose, blood lipid, blood pressure and other risk factors, and fundus screening can significantly reduce the risk of diabetic retinopathy in patients with diabetes; and effective intervention measures for patients with early diabetic retinopathy can significantly reduce the blindness rate of diabetic retinopathy.

But the reality is that there are about 36000 ophthalmologists in China, and only about 1100 professional doctors are registered for the diagnosis of fundus diseases, and most of them are concentrated in large and medium-sized cities and tertiary hospitals. The scarcity of fundus doctors makes it difficult for large-scale diabetes screening to continue.

The use of artificial intelligence assisted diagnosis technology can effectively empower the Endocrinology Department of grade hospitals, community health service centers, grassroots medical institutions and other units or departments to carry out large-scale diabetes screening, realize the early detection and early intervention of diseases, follow-up of patients and effective management of complications, and reduce the disease burden of the masses and public medical expenses.

“The approval of the product provides a solid compliance guarantee for the clinical application of the product and opens the door to large-scale application. “Chen Yuzhong said.

According to Chen Yuzhong, airdoc is based on a series of medical AI solutions independently developed. Among them, retinal products based on tens of millions of data can analyze fundus blood vessels, optic disc, macula and nerves respectively, and realize the recognition of up to 100 kinds of retinal physiological structures, lesion features and postoperative features. It can accurately identify dozens of cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine systems and other diseases Eye diseases or complications, such as hypertension, diabetes, arteriosclerosis and other systemic chronic diseases, high myopia, age-related macular degeneration, vein occlusion, cataract and other common eye diseases for auxiliary diagnosis and adult screening, but also for diabetes, hypertension, stroke and other major diseases of the health risk assessment.

At present, Shanghai airdoc has carried out in-depth cooperation with more than 100 first-class hospitals, and has developed a number of products suitable for workplace, pharmacy, optical shop, health management and many other out of hospital application scenarios. It is one of the earliest commercial medical AI enterprises in China.

Chen Yuzhong said: AI + medical is to do the incremental work of high-quality medical resources. After many years of hospital work, he has a better understanding of the scarcity of high-quality medical resources and the urgency of the needs of the masses. The absolute lack and uneven distribution of high-quality medical resources coexist in China. AI products are used to help professional doctors improve work efficiency and quality, empower grassroots doctors to improve service ability and scope, and assist patients to complete home testing and chronic disease management. Whether retinal recognition or other products such as ECG recognition and monitoring, as long as the above three goals can be achieved, it is the direction of airdoc’s efforts. Retinal products may be the first breakthrough, landing and effective promotion and application products in the field of medical AI. With the help of deep learning artificial intelligence technology, the risk of cardiovascular disease of people is assessed through retinal image, and the traditional physical examination mode is driven by artificial intelligence. In a real sense, the health status assessment of millions of physical examination people based on retinal artificial intelligence assessment is realized.

As for the research results in this field, Chen Yuzhong also said: “the retina is the only tissue in the whole body that can directly observe blood vessels and nerves. It can not only detect fundus diseases, but also detect systemic vascular diseases (such as hypertension), neurological diseases (such as Parkinson’s disease) and a variety of other diseases (such as brain tumors, anemia, etc.), which has far-reaching clinical value It’s beyond our imagination.

“In the future, on the one hand, airdoc will focus on promoting the auxiliary diagnosis software of diabetic retinopathy fundus image to the ophthalmology department, endocrinology department, physical examination department and primary medical system of the hospital, accelerating the construction of platform and network, promoting hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, effectively helping diabetic patients with timely diagnosis and intervention, improving the quality of life and reducing the overall medical cost. On the other hand, airdoc will also actively promote the application of health risk assessment and health management products outside the hospital, prevent serious diseases and prevent diseases, and effectively enhance the health management awareness and scientific management means of Chinese people. ” Chen Yuzhong is full of confidence in the road of entrepreneurship.

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