Imagine that one morning 20 years later, the intelligent sleep detection system in your brain will determine whether to wake you up according to your EEG and your sleep cycle at night, and then you wake up a little bit in the slowly starting music to start your wonderful day; After waking up, the smart bracelet has detected your blood indicators today and selected a suitable breakfast for you; During the weekly physical examination, all the coefficients from your brain to your body are calculated, and then according to your computer in the supercomputer, your risk of gastric cancer in five years is detected

Every bit of our life is controlled by AI. In other words, AI algorithms will redefine our life.

In the past decades, the computing speed has increased rapidly. It has evolved from the initial scientific mathematical computing to various modern computer application fields, such as multimedia application, computer-aided design, database, data communication, automatic control and so on. Artificial intelligence is a research branch of computer science and the crystallization of the research and development of computer science over the years. The 2017 government work report proposed that it is the national development strategy to fully implement the development plan of strategic emerging industries, accelerate the R & D and transformation of artificial intelligence and other technologies, and expand and strengthen industrial clusters and artificial intelligence.

AI algorithms will redefine our lives

Since the formal birth of the concept of artificial intelligence in 1956, various artificial intelligence devices have been applied to science and technology and life. Artificial intelligence has gone through more than 60 years. Enterprise survey data show that there are 116000 AI related enterprises in China, of which 111000 are in business. Over the past decade, the number of AI related enterprises in China has increased rapidly. After the national strategy was put forward in 2017, the number of enterprises has sprung up. In 2019, the annual number of AI related enterprises has reached more than 30000, an increase of 3195% over a decade ago. Ten years ago, people never dreamed that artificial intelligence was so close to us.

AI algorithms will redefine our lives

Nowadays, artificial intelligence has become an important driving force leading the development of science and technology. Science and technology companies all over the world have arranged the artificial intelligence industry to seize the strategic highland. After China’s integration into the national development strategy, local governments are unwilling to fall behind and release artificial intelligence plans one after another. Enterprise survey data show that domestic AI related enterprises are mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shanghai and other places. Guangdong Province has the largest number of related enterprises, reaching more than 20000, of which nearly half are concentrated in Shenzhen.

As the promised land of reform and opening up, Shenzhen has a strong atmosphere of entrepreneurship and innovation, and its policies are highly inclined to scientific and technological innovation. It has a good soil for technology marketization and convenient overseas communication channels. In addition to ten mature enterprises with large-scale artificial intelligence development, such as Tencent, Huawei, ZTE and Ping An technology, it is also a well-known artificial intelligence enterprise in the industry, Dajiang technology, the best must choose Carbon cloud intelligence has also settled in Shenzhen, providing conditions for the gathering of artificial intelligence talents.

AI algorithms will redefine our lives

In recent years, we have seen breakthroughs in artificial intelligence in speech recognition, image processing, automatic translation, automatic driving and other fields. In terms of industry distribution, AI is mainly distributed in wholesale and retail, information transmission, software and information technology services, scientific research and technology services, accounting for 39%, 25% and 12% respectively.

“Another step forward from artificial intelligence is intelligent manufacturing.” Artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing have always been inseparable. Intelligent manufacturing is the empowerment of artificial intelligence technology to the manufacturing industry, and turns concepts and data into visible “products”. Although the manufacturing industry accounts for only 4% of the distribution of AI related enterprises, with the gradual increase of intelligent manufacturing demand, industrial Internet enterprises will sink wholeheartedly.

AI algorithms will redefine our lives

According to the enterprise survey data, the registered capital of AI related enterprises is mainly concentrated in 1-5 million, accounting for 37%; Enterprises with a registered capital of more than 10 million account for 30%, mainly distributed in wholesale and retail, information transmission, software and information technology services.

AI algorithms will redefine our lives

With the high attention of all sectors of society, artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies have made some remarkable achievements in various fields, and more capital consortia gradually pay attention to the development of this emerging field. Enterprise survey data show that at present, AI related enterprises have received a large number of financing, and the top are pre-A to a + rounds and angel / seed rounds, of which 428 are listed companies.

With the rapid development of new technologies such as big data and cloud computing, mankind is accelerating into the era of artificial intelligence 3.0, from software to AI chip, from information to service, and a new era of artificial intelligence.


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