1. Basic introduction of AGM X5 smartphone

AGM X5 continues the tough guy shape of the outdoor machine, with a fortress-style battery steel frame structure, an armor-style shell structure, and 6-sided protection against falls. Water drop screen + ultra-narrow frame design, certified by IP68, can be immersed in 1.5 meters of water depth, and certified by IP69K, can withstand the impact of high pressure liquid.

In other respects, the machine runs the deeply customized XOS 5.0 system based on Android 9, supports face recognition and fingerprint recognition, retains a 3.5mm headphone jack, has a built-in 5600mAh battery, and supports 18W fast charging.

2. AGM X5 smartphone evaluation

Through the brief introduction to the AGM X5 smart phone above, everyone must have a preliminary understanding of the AGM X5 smart phone. Below, the editor is about to start evaluating the charging and battery life of the AGM X5 smartphone.

Although the AGM X5 has become “fatter”, the battery life has also become longer. The extra weight is used to increase the battery capacity, reaching 5600mAh, which is used to make up for the short battery life of 5G mobile phones.

PCMark is an evaluation software that benchmarks battery life by testing comprehensive performance and discharging. We use the work 2.0 battery life evaluation item in PCMark to test the battery life of AGM X5 under simulated normal use conditions.

Under 80% brightness, the AGM X5 working 2.0 battery life is measured as 11 hours and 7 minutes. For a large-screen mobile phone equipped with a 12nm process technology 5G platform, such a battery life is quite impressive.

The AGM X5 comes with an 18W charger. It takes about 130 minutes to charge from 15% to 95%, which is more than two hours. 18W fast charge to deal with the super large capacity battery of 5600mAh is indeed very difficult.

So, when charging the AGM X5 mobile phone, must it be fully charged? In other words, when the smartphone is charging, does it need to be fully charged?

The best power level of a mobile phone battery is generally between 65% and 75%. Such an optimal amount is the best protection stage for the mobile phone battery. Therefore, it is generally time to unplug the charger when the mobile phone power is fully charged. Because in this way, the service life of the mobile phone battery can be maintained. This is the knowledge of smart phone charging, and it is also how to protect your mobile phone battery. Sometimes the correct charging method can better protect your mobile phone battery.

Do not fully charge the mobile phone, because fully charging the mobile phone will lose the battery life of the mobile phone and shorten the battery life of the mobile phone. Powering up overnight will do more damage to the phone, so you must unplug the phone when it is fully charged! Everyone must remember this.

In the evaluation system of Geekbench 5, the single-core score of AGM X5’s Tiger T7510 is 365, and the multi-core score is 1334.

Among them, the single-core score is approximately equivalent to 116% of the Snapdragon 662/71% of the Dimensity 720; the multi-core is similar to the Snapdragon 662, which is equivalent to 80% of the Dimensity 720.

In terms of GPU, according to the test results of GFXbench, Huben T7510 is stronger than Snapdragon 662, and it can lead by about 50% in test items such as Tyrannosaurus rex off-screen and Manhattan off-screen.

Judging from the speed test results, the mobile phone should be equipped with eMMc 5.1 flash memory.

According to the official introduction, Ziguang Zhanrui Huben T7510 adopts an 8-core CPU architecture, consisting of four 2.0GHz Arm Cortex-A75 and four 1.8GHz Arm Cortex-A55. Huben T7510 integrates [email protected] codec, 802.11AC, BT 5.0 and other multimedia capabilities and advanced wireless communication capabilities.

Not only that, Ziguang Zhanrui Huben T7510 is equipped with Hi-Turbo smart engine technology.

Finally, the editor reminds everyone not to put the mobile phone on the bed to charge, because this will affect the quality of sleep.

During sleep, all human functions are undergoing orderly self-repair. It is necessary to provide a quiet and comfortable environment as much as possible so that both the body and the brain can be fully rested. The closer the distance between the mobile phone and the human body, the greater the radiation; the size of the mobile phone radiation has nothing to do with the power, but with the signal.

The weaker the mobile phone signal, the greater the radiation. The reason is that when the signal becomes weak, the mobile phone will increase the power of the transmitted signal so that the mobile phone base station can receive it, and the radiation of the mobile phone will become larger at this time. Therefore, charging at a close distance during sleep will affect the central nervous system of the person, resulting in headaches, insomnia and other symptoms.
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