Recently, Agilent Technologies has launched a DDR3 protocol debugging and testing suite for board level or embedded memory applications, which consists of hardware and software. The suite is said to be the industry’s first fully functional DDR3 test tool, including the industry’s fastest (2.0-gtransfer / s) full channel 16962a logic analysis module, probes for DDR3 BGA and DIMM devices, and a DDR3 compatible and high-performance software environment.

Agilent technology promotes DDR3 protocol debugging and testing suite, with the most complete industry functions

The kit has 2GHz trigger sequence speed, and the logic module can stably trigger and capture DDR3 1600 signals. For embedded systems, w3630a series probes can be directly connected to BGA DRAM solder ball, with low load and minimum impact on signal integrity. N4835a DDR3 slot probe can detect server and desktop applications, and access high-speed (1.6 Gtransfer / s) memory bus through on-board slot connector. Probes are used with observers and logic analyzers for physical layer and functional testing.

B4622a DDR2 / 3 protocol compatible and analytical environment provides timing and protocol violation checking functions. It has an automatic physical address trigger startup tool, and can summarize the system performance through bus statistics and access address distribution map. (the price of test suite for embedded configuration is $101000; the price of test suite for system configuration is $216000 – the software and probe are available now, and the logic analysis module is available in May.)

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