Bali high speed nonvolatile RAM integrates synchronous DRAM, NAND flash memory, intelligent power management, UltraCap energy buffer and system controller to provide 4 to 64MB NV memory without battery. The device meets the system standard ram and is packaged in 200 pin SO-DIMM or mezzanine card.

Agiga tech introduces new fast NV memory without setting battery

The device has 200 MB / s peak transmission, I2C command / control bus, 4-32 MB memory voltage of 3.3 VCC, 64 MB voltage of 5.0 VCC, working temperature range of 0 ° to 70 ° C. The device has a 10-year data storage cycle, up to 200000 writes, and no severe failure mode. (now available at $48 to $240 per 1000)

AGIGA Tech, Poway, CA

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