With the development of mobile phones, there are more and more new technologies and functions. But at the same time, many functions that have existed for a long time are gradually being abandoned, such as FM radio and 3.5mm headphone interface. In addition to these, another function is quietly leaving, that is, the breathing light (LED prompt light).

Function of breathing lamp

Breathing lamp is a component that existed in the era of functional machine. In the touch screen era, Android mobile phones continue to carry forward the breathing lamp. The function of breathing light is to prompt missed calls, unread text messages, other notifications and mobile phone status (such as power) without lighting the screen.

Sony Xperia s breathing light band

Generally, the breathing light will display different colors and flashing modes when different push comes. For example, the green fast blink is the unread message of wechat, the green slow blink is the unread message, and the blue fast blink is the push message of Post Bar client. This mechanism of color and pattern classification of LED lights according to app type can let people know what push the mobile phone has received by scanning the remaining light.

Oppo find 7 skyline breathing lamp

The system settings of some mobile phones also have detailed breathing light prompt color and mode customization. System settings users without this function can also set through a third-party app. The final customized effect can assign special colors and flashing modes to the information of each contact, which is very convenient.

AOD screen display is becoming more and more popular

AOD is the abbreviation of “always on display”, which is also known as “information screen display”. The function of the information screen display is similar to that of the breathing lamp. After the development and maturity, it gradually begins to replace the breathing lamp.

AOD rest screen display refers to the display of clock and notification icon on the screen in the rest screen state. Different icons are used to tell users what notifications have not been viewed. The constant light mode makes AOD not suitable for LCD screen, because LCD screen can only achieve the overall backlight of the panel. As long as there is a place to display content, the whole panel must be lit, which leads to excessive power consumption.

Xiaomi 8’s screen display

This is not a problem for OLEDs. Since the OLED screen can independently control the light emission of each pixel, the OLED screen can light only a small part of the pixels of the clock and notification icon when the screen is stopped. Although the interest screen display has existed as early as the era of keyboard machine, its real popularity is still due to the popularity of OLED screen in recent two years.

Samsung screen display setting interface

Even for OLED screens, AOD is not completely harmless. In the early years, the two major defects of accelerating screen burning and power consumption have been perplexing AOD screen display. However, with the improvement of the screen display by Samsung and other manufacturers, the loss of screen and power has been very low. Therefore, more and more manufacturers began to add the information screen display function to their OLED screen mobile phones. More and more users began to get used to AOD information screen display, and the breathing lamp became a “child no one wants”.

The emergence of smart watches / bracelets and other devices

In addition to AOD screen display, smart watches and smart bracelets also have the function of notification and prompt. For people using such wearable devices, there is no need to use breathing lamps.

Pursuit of screen share

Since 2018, the industry’s pursuit for the proportion of extremely narrow frame and screen has become increasingly crazy, and each family has tried every means to hide various components on the front. As the only “dispensable” part, breathing lamps are directly abandoned by many models.

Although some manufacturers retain breathing lamps, they cannot display color, which loses the ability to distinguish notification types.

Nubian x is one of the few models with breathing lights in narrow frame mobile phones

Of course, some manufacturers still insist on retaining color breathing lamps. But in order to adapt to the narrow frame, the position of the breathing lamp has changed, and some mobile phones even put the lamp on their chin. This spirit of not abandoning and not giving up is not easy, and it is the gospel for those who rely heavily on the breathing lamp.

The breathing light is gone

The maturity and popularity of AOD screen display and wearable devices have changed consumers’ use habits and reduced everyone’s demand for breathing lamps. Coupled with the conscious abandonment of manufacturers and almost non-existent consumer protests, the fate of breathing lamps is even more precarious.

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