The novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed to novel coronavirus pneumonia in the United States was up to 8 in March 30th, and the number of confirmed cases in the United States was the highest in Beijing, according to the latest statistics released by Johns Hopkins University. The number of cases confirmed by the new US crown pneumonia reached 140886.

According to foreign media reports, affected by the epidemic, Toyota recently announced that the shutdown time of its plant in North America would be extended for another two weeks to April 17. Meanwhile, it said that it plans to resume its factory production in the Americas on April 20, but this schedule needs to be adjusted according to the real-time changing epidemic situation.

Toyota pointed out in an official statement that although the production equipment has been closed before April 17, the maintenance, spare parts warehouse and vehicle transportation will not be affected.

At present, all assembly and parts factories of Toyota in Canada, the United States and Mexico are closed. It is understood that Toyota has 14 manufacturing plants in North America, including 10 in the United States alone. The United States is the most important production base of Toyota group.

At present, the epidemic in the United States has not been completely controlled, and there is still great uncertainty about Toyota’s capacity recovery in the United States. This is also quite unfavorable to Toyota, which has most of its production capacity in the United States.

In addition, Toyota also said that affected by the epidemic, it led to a decline in demand. Toyota’s five factories and seven production lines in Japan will also stop production from April 3. The specific date for resuming production has not been determined.

However, it is worth mentioning that with the continuous improvement of China’s domestic epidemic prevention and control situation, its joint venture brands FAW Toyota and GAC Toyota in China have resumed production. Moreover, the domestic automobile consumption market is gradually recovering. As the second largest single market of Toyota Motor in the world, the resumption of stable operation in the Chinese market is good news for Toyota Motor.

Affected by the epidemic, Toyota announced that the shutdown time of its plant in North America would be extended for another two weeks

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