Recently, Advantech released the latest product epd-660 / 662 of wireless electronic paper series, a wireless solution. Reducing the workload of medical staff and improving work efficiency is an important goal of medical intelligent solutions. With the use of epd-660 / 662 electronic paper to replace the traditional display and paper, the information will be digitally displayed to make the daily work of medical staff more efficient.

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Create an intelligent and sustainable world

Coping with future climate change is still a major challenge facing mankind, and forest protection is the basis for coping with climate change and sustained and healthy economic development. Paper production can reduce carbon emissions by using paper cutting equipment.

Hospital bed information system meets the needs of both doctors and patients

In the traditional medical system, after the patient’s status or diagnosis changes, the medical staff need to manually update the relevant medical records and documents. In this mode, staff need to be extra careful to avoid misreading and mistransmission. But data errors are still inevitable. With the digital upgrading of the hospital, the use of smart bedside card instead of paper management process will help to improve the accuracy of information exchange, reduce the risk of errors and alleviate these problems.

“While digital processes emphasize current details, they will not relax the tracking of daily workflow.” Lai Xiangfen, deputy director of the nursing department of Yizhen hospital, explained: “by deploying this intelligent system, the daily workload of nurses is greatly reduced and efficiency is improved.”

Smart bedside card can assist medical staff in many tasks, including traditional form registration, name label distribution for identity confirmation, and informing medical staff of the specific needs of patients. In this way, doctors and patients, doctors and nurses can communicate effectively. Ms. Lai, deputy director of Nursing Department of Yizhen hospital, reflected that both doctors and patients were very satisfied after using Advantech ePaper electronic paper solution into operation.


Advantech ePaper e-paper solutions and benefits

Epd-660 and epd-662 intelligent hospital solution suite can manage and display device and battery status through deviceon / ePaper management software. Deviceon / ePaper management software supports remote control and can be used with image generator. Since all the information displayed on the device is graphics, the image generator provides a template editor to support the free drag and drop of images. The user can set the data according to the template module to realize the automatic update of the picture, so as to make the graphic change process more simple and effective.

Another key feature of image generator is service management, which can realize automatic image transmission and remote firmware upgrade. In fact, epd-660 and epd-662 can automatically change the display content and update the system version remotely. Similarly, the system integrator can also remotely control epd-660 and epd-662 through the restful API of deviceon / ePaper. Relevant technical documents can be found on the deviceon / ePaper web page.

Epd-660 and epd-662 support 2.4GHz RF wireless protocol and integrate arm cortex-m4 processor. Through optimized power consumption and device management, your application will benefit from a long-life, 2.4GHz Wi Fi solution. Epd-660 and epd-662 provide multiple buttons and an application control indicator, which are highly integrated into the restful API of deviceon / ePaper and provided to the system integrator.

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Main features:

• the wires and network cables are easy to install without additional construction.

• easy deployment by connecting to live Wi Fi applications.

• continuous power supply for 6 months (updated 3 times a day).

• non backlit display to improve patient viewing experience.

• 170 ° wide viewing angle.

The new epd-660 and epd-662 electronic paper are now on the market.

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