Why do semiconductor and IC test equipment need to be upgraded?

With the increasing demand for many new high-performance applications, Advantech SOM team aims to provide better services to customers in the field of semiconductor and integrated circuit test equipment. Semiconductor and integrated circuit (IC) test equipment is designed to batch test hundreds of integrated circuit boards and chipsets of different circuits on one test machine, such as CPU, SOC, SSD and memory products.

In order to batch test integrated circuit products in a lower cost and more effective way, integrated circuit test equipment tends to have an equal number of functional boards corresponding to each equipment to be tested, which test integrated circuits through preloaded test programs.

Due to the increasing complexity of the test program, in order to shorten the average test cycle, we must meet the core requirements of larger memory capacity and faster data transmission speed. Since a single IC tester contains hundreds of modules, in order to make the system smaller and reliable, the compact board with optimized heat dissipation solution is preferred.

What kind of solutions does Advantech provide?

The latest com express solutions (som-6883 and som-7583) provided by Advantech are equipped with the 11th generation Intel ® Core ™ The processor is compact and can help customers minimize the size of the system, while end customers only need to focus on the development of their unique applications. Som-6883 & som-7583 have the following main features:

·Core-i computing power: compact but powerful SOC

·Integrated ibecc: use onboard memory for data correction to improve system stability

·Provide the fastest data transmission speed and throughput:

1. PCIe Gen3/Gen4

2. SATA3

3. USB4/USB3.2 Gen2

·Configurable TDP (CTDP) enables users to optimize system power consumption according to their own needs; At the same time, Advantech provides a thin fanless cooling module to minimize the size of the system

·The system can be extended through COM carrier

The som-7583 has a maximum TDP of 28w and is designed to provide excellent performance in fanless cooling solutions. The integrated copper heat conduction tube can achieve efficient heat transfer, and the optimized fin spacing design can form the largest heat transfer area and ventilation flow field. The total height of the heat dissipation module is less than 1U (4.4cm), which is very suitable for customers to design their own system level heat dissipation solution.

Equipped with PCIe Gen. 4, som-6883 is suitable for applications requiring high data transmission speed. Customers can use PCIe gen.4 by adding an FPGA on the carrier board, so as to focus on the development of functions in their own field and keep their industrial technology confidential. Som-6883 has built-in on-board memory and provides memory expansion through additional SO-DIMM sockets, so it can provide more options for customers’ system design. In addition, with Advantech’s patented efficient heat dissipation solution “double fin omnidirectional convection radiator (qfcs)”, the system can run at full speed without throttling.


Som-7583 and som-6883 adopt wide voltage input design to support wide temperature operation at – 40 ~ 85 ° C (- 40 ~ 185 ° f). In addition, with onboard nvme SSD, we can help customers pre install the operating system with licensed software packages. Finally, with the help of Advantech equipment management software

With wise deviceon, users can remotely and conveniently monitor the health status of the device.

What kind of service support does Advantech SOM team provide?

1. Have rich experience in product development and can assist customers to quickly complete product R & D

2. Provide fast localized technical support services, with exclusive sales team and AE / FAE team, which can quickly respond to customer needs

3. Exclusive BIOS, thermal and RD teams to provide customers with exclusive technical services

4. Provide peripheral modules required by the project, including GPU, WiFi module, storage and memory, and provide customers with a full set of solutions

To sum up, IC test equipment manufacturers attach great importance to efficiency and stability. Using Advantech som-6883 and som-7583 can ensure test rate and system expansion; In addition, with the service support of Advantech SOM professional team, it can help customers save time, cost and resources, accelerate product launch and reduce development risk. Advantech som-6883 and som-7583 have been listed. For more information, please call Advantech embedded service hotline 400-001-9088.

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