Axiomtek launches touch panel PC ITC210

Recently, Axiomtek has launched a new 21.5-inch modular touch panel PC ITC210, which supports the latest Intel® Smart Display Module (Intel® SDM) architecture, and the switch design makes it easier to maintain, replace and upgrade on-site systems and join international standards. Waterproof and dustproof protection design provides a better viewing and collaborative working experience for smart retail and light industry.

ITC210 is equipped with a 21.5-inch 1920 x 1080 resolution, 10-point projected capacitive touch, 16:9 aspect ratio and 250 lumens high-brightness LCD monitor, ultra-thin frame design less than 5 cm, IPx4 waterproof and dustproof metal The frame structure design is suitable for various application fields. Equipped with a set of push-push type microSD slot, HDMI port, high-speed USB 3.0 port and 2 sets of USB 2.0 ports and other multi-standard interfaces. Two SDM smart display modules are launched according to different levels of CPU, system memory and onboard graphics card. Customers can choose SDM300S (Intel® SDM-S) or SDM500L (Intel® SDM-L) according to their needs. Axiomtek’s unique modular design Make installation, upgrade and maintenance easier and more efficient, bring great convenience to users, and greatly reduce maintenance costs.

"Axiomtek's modular tablet PC product line has launched a well-received 15.6-inch ITC150WM. In order to provide users with a better viewing experience, a new 21.5-inch large-screen model, the ITC210, is also launched, suitable for retail, light industry and medical care. It will provide more choices for customers with different needs." said Nie Jianlun, Product Manager of Axiomtek's Smart Retail Product Planning Department.

Advantech Releases Wireless Electronic Paper ePaper Series

Recently, Advantech released EPD-660/662, the latest product of the wireless electronic paper ePaper series. Reducing the workload of medical staff and improving work efficiency are important goals of medical intelligent solutions. With the EPD-660/662 electronic paper put into use to replace the traditional display and paper, the information is displayed digitally, making the daily work of the medical staff more efficient.

"The digital process emphasizes the current details without relaxing the tracking of the daily workflow." Ms. Lai Xiangfen, deputy director of the Nursing Department of Yiren Hospital, explained, "By deploying this intelligent system, the daily workload of nurses has been greatly reduced. ,Improve efficiency."

Smart bedside cards can assist medical staff in many tasks, including traditional form registration, name tag issuance for identity confirmation, and informing medical staff of the specific needs of patients. This allows effective communication between doctor and patient, doctor and caregiver. Ms. Lai, deputy director of the Nursing Department of Yiren Hospital, said that both doctors and patients were very satisfied after the use of Advantech's ePaper electronic paper solution was put into operation.

Rockchip and China Mobile Release Two Video IoT Chips

Recently, Rockchip Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (“Rockchip”) and China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd. (“China Mobile”) jointly released two video IoT chips, AIoTel RV1109 and AIoTel RV1126, to jointly promote the video IoT Industrial scale development.

Multimedia IoT communication capability AIoTel (AIoT+Telphony) is a new type of infrastructure independently developed by China Mobile based on the design concept of "AI+IoT+Video+Comm" for video IoT, and takes the lead in formulating international standards and industry standards such as ITU and CCSA. More than 10 items. Focus on the IoT field including smart home, build a high-definition video switching network that carries pan-home video services, tap the incremental market for smart IoT multimedia communications, and provide pan-terminal, pan-network, full-scenario, carrier-class multimedia objects Unicom Service fills the industry gap of software-defined carrier-class IoT multimedia communication solutions, and innovatively supports carrier-class video calls, video intercoms, video surveillance, smart speakers, video conferencing, home control, smart identification and other functions.

This time, the two video IoT chips jointly launched by Rockchip and China Mobile effectively integrate China Mobile's AIoTel capabilities and the core technology advantages of Rockchip chips, and effectively solve the problem of difficult cross-platform interaction, high cost, and business problems of video IoT terminals. End-to-end problems such as slow iteration can achieve efficient collaboration between upstream and downstream of the business, chip, and hardware industry chain.

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