In 2021, Taipei, China – Advantech, a global embedded computing manufacturer, announced the launch of the industrial grade fanless Mini itx motherboard aimb-218, which is based on Intel’s eighth generation atom Elkhart Lake low-power CPU processor, adopts 10nm Technology (6 ~ 12W TDP), supports up to four cores, eight threads, 3.0GHz Rui frequency and up to 850mhz 11th generation graphics card, and improves CPU performance by 50%, The graphics processing capacity is improved by 100%, and it is cost-effective. Designed for industrial edge computing applications that require high resolution graphics display and reduce energy consumption, it is suitable for semi outdoor industrial environments, including applications in self-service terminals, digital signage, industrial control and medical equipment.

Excellent image processing capability, supporting HD video playback

Advantech aimb-218 is equipped with Intel UHD graphics up to 32eu, with excellent image processing capability. At the same time, it has rich display interfaces, including DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, LVDS and EDP, supports three 4K resolution displays, and can scan line by line at 60 FPS. In addition, aimb-218 supports DDR4 3200mhz, up to 32GB ibecc, significantly improving storage capacity. The solution supports on-board UFS 2.0 with a storage capacity of 32 ~ 256gb, which can increase the transmission rate to 1200 MB / s, twice that of SATA III. Aimb-218 adopts the next generation graphics card, supports high-speed data transmission, and can realize low delay and high-resolution video content in embedded display control applications.

Compact and flexible design, excellent performance

Aimb-218 is equipped with 1 x PCI GEN.3, which can improve AI capability. One m.2 (e key) is used for Wi Fi and Bluetooth modules, and one m.2 (B key) with Sima card holder is used for LTE and SATA modules, which supports efficient scalable network and storage configuration. All extensions are located on the top of the device to facilitate flexible modular expansion.

Advantech aimb-218 Mini itx industrial motherboard is now on the market!

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