VR technology has existed for more than half a century, and its rapid heating up came in 2016, when a large number of industry elites came with their dreams of VR and with the strength of many capitals. The VR industry has been pushed to a climax, especially the immersive experience of VR, which has brought a deep impression to users. So many entrepreneurs who are engaged in this industry are full of expectations. However, due to the lack of deep understanding of the industry, almost most enterprises are still dependent on VR hardware facilities, and the underlying technology is incomplete, which eventually led to the rapid burst of the industry foam. After a mess, the VR education industry has entered a cold winter.

In this wave, 36 enterprises have entered the VR education industry. Only five survived. Others have quietly withdrawn from VR education in the cold winter. The first batch of enterprises to join VR education began to think about the reasons after experiencing the pain of failure. The VR education industry is cold. The main reason for the bursting of the foam is that it relies too much on equipment and the layout is too single. At that time, the hardware equipment technology was not very mature, and there was no head display integrated equipment; It is very troublesome to use external lines; The effect of the underlying technology experience is not good, not clear enough, and the scene is fuzzy; The price of hardware facilities remains high and the profit margin is small, which eventually leads to failure.

The living environment of VR enterprises is developing in a good direction. First of all, the head display integration has appeared in the equipment, which is more convenient to use; Secondly, its price is also showing an obvious downward trend. The original 5000 yuan equipment on the market has dropped to 200 yuan now. The statistical report predicts that there is still 15% room for decline in the next few years. This means that we can use VR head display all-in-one machine for less than 100 yuan. VR devices are expected to become popular products in the future, just as popular as smart phones. The underlying technology is also constantly improved, and the experience effect will be greatly improved.

Most importantly, with the official launch of 5g and its active deployment in first tier cities across the country, the improvement of VR experience is just a matter of one night. The Ministry of industry and information technology issued 5g photos to operators is the spring breeze of VR industry, and VR education is also ushering in the wind of policy.

Creating an open, interactive and immersive three-dimensional deep learning environment for learners is the future of VR education. The essence of VR is a teaching tool. Only a wide range of long-term use can have great value. Determining the development route from hardware to software to application scenarios is the development direction of every VR education enterprise. Vigorously develop information technology courses, so that students can complete the construction of scenes through graphical programming and display them through VR devices.
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