With the upgrading of smart home, the traditional home appliances have been gradually covered by the new generation of automatic home appliances, and the pursuit of fresh air is no exception. Traditional household fans rely on mechanical blades to cut out the wind at a high frequency, which has certain potential safety hazards for children and even adults. Moreover, the wind blowing provided by them is muggy, noisy, such as the wind beating and messy, which undoubtedly has a certain impact on the office and daily life.

It is as soft as the wind of a mountain stream, and smells like the wild land. The emergence of leafless intelligent cooling and heating fans has realized people’s pursuit of ideal fresh air. The leafless intelligent cooling and heating fan does not need to rely on the mechanical fan blades to remove the wind. While minimizing the potential safety hazards, it can realize 360 ° wide-angle air supply. The whole room can enjoy the blowing experience of gently sticking to the skin. It will no longer be noisy and muggy, and the paper will no longer fly all over the sky.

The intelligence of the leafless intelligent cooling and heating fan is not only reflected in its innovative air supply mode, but also in its simple and intuitive operation method and simple and elegant appearance. The combination of touch screen and intelligent cooling and heating fan makes the appearance of intelligent cooling and heating fan more concise and beautiful while realizing visual and simple operation.

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The 1.6-inch circular touch screen with a resolution of 400*400 launched by Qiming Zhixian is a standard serial port screen designed and developed based on Lexin esp32-s3 and 8ms (8ms.xyz), which can quickly help the product to complete the networking + color screen upgrade application. It has built-in 16MB SPI flash and 8MB PSRAM, and can be perfectly matched with the intelligent cooling and heating fan.

Advantages of the scheme:

At the same time, it is equipped with self-developed GUI platform firmware, supports graphical drag programming, and helps users complete the development of customized control platform

The main control of serial port screen adopts wt32-s3-wrover module, with built-in 16MB SPI flash and 2MB PSRAM. Equipped with a 1.6-inch full touch screen with QSPI interface resolution of 400*400, it can be equipped with online and offline voice interaction schemes, gesture and key schemes

Support scrolling, sliding, GIF effects, WiFi and Bluetooth, and realize functions such as device networking, remote control, data visualization, etc

8ms platform:

After 3 years of self-developed software development platform – 8ms, the company has greatly improved the efficiency of product development; At the same time, the company has always attached great importance to the promotion of ecology. At present, the 8ms development platform has 3000+ registered developers, which can execute more than 12 home appliance categories and 500+ui content. The 8ms platform integrates UI design (low code development) and cloud management big data analysis.

Rich communication connectivity

Qiming smart home appliance intelligent solution supports Bluetooth, Wi Fi and other connection modes. It also supports smart home interconnection standard matter, helping developers realize short-distance connection to long-distance cellular communication connection, realizing low latency, high throughput and supporting large-scale mesh networking.

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