Advantages of smart Bracelet

① Seiko meticulous, whether from the appearance, design or materials are meticulous, mellow shape, metal shell, abandon the traditional button design, replaced by touch screen stroke control, in operation more concise, while leaving more creative space for the appearance design.

② Stainless steel shell, multi-channel process grinding, high structural strength, strong metal texture. It has higher corrosion resistance, stronger wear resistance and better fall resistance, which improves the safety factor.

③ In the waterproof design, the rotary buckle and closed adhesive design are adopted to form double protection. At the same time, the internal zero screw design has high structural strength, IP68 waterproof performance, high pressure coefficient and good waterproof performance.

④ In terms of internal structure, the design is compact, the layout is scientific and reasonable, the whole circuit board has no wasted space, the structure is compact, highly integrated, and the thickness is equivalent. The smart watch should not only ensure the endurance, but also consider the lightness. It is not easy for a bracelet with a screen to achieve this degree.

⑤ More sensors are built into the smart bracelet, which makes the monitoring data such as step counting and sleep more accurate, more scientific and instructive. In addition, it can also realize the functions of answering phone, pushing SMS, wechat reminding, opening camera, positioning mobile phone, changing dial, etc.

Advantages of smart Bracelet_ Market analysis of smart Bracelet

Market analysis of smart Bracelet

Smart bracelet, as a technology product that attracts the attention of users, its powerful functions are quietly infiltrating and changing people’s lives. The following is an analysis of the market scale of smart Bracelets:

#FormatImgID_ 0 # at present, smart wearable terminals mostly appear as mobile phone auxiliary devices, among which smart bracelet, smart watch and smart glasses are the most common, accounting for more than 70% of global wearable device shipments. Smart wristbands have the highest popularity and simple functions; smart watch platforms and programs are numerous and have various functions; smart glasses have the highest technical threshold and the most complex functions.

According to the analysis of smart Bracelet market scale, according to Gartner’s data, the global wearable device shipment in 2016 was 265.88 million sets (including Bluetooth headset). It is estimated that the global wearable device shipment will increase by 16.7% in 2017, and the total sales will reach 310.37 million sets. The global total revenue is US $30.5 billion, of which US $9.3 billion comes from the smart phones represented by Apple applewatch and Samsung gear Watch products.

It is estimated that by 2021, the world will sell 505 million wearable devices, of which the sales volume of smart watches will be close to 81 million, accounting for 16% of the total sales volume of wearable devices; in 2021, the global sales volume of wearable devices will create 55 billion US dollars, of which the sales volume of smart watches will reach 17.4 billion US dollars, which is one of the most potential categories of all wearable devices.

At present, smart bracelets are relatively popular, but IDC believes that the market share of smart bracelets will decline in the future. IDC predicts that the global shipment of smart bracelets will reach 47.6 million in 2017 and 52.2 million in 2021.

Thanks to the relatively stable average price (ASP) of Apple watch, the overall revenue of smart watch also increased. The increase in production of smart watches will slightly reduce the cost of manufacturing and parts, making the overall average selling price slightly drop from $223.25 in 2017 to $214.99 in 2021.

By analyzing the market scale of smart wristbands, from the perspective of product categories, Apple’s market share in the smart watch market is still the highest among all suppliers. However, as more and more brands enter the market, Apple’s market share in the smart watch market will decline from about one third in 2016 to a quarter in 2021. Children’s smart watch will become the type with the most obvious growth in the future, and will reach 30% of the total shipment in 2021.

Advantages of smart Bracelet_ Market analysis of smart Bracelet_ Hazards of wearing smart Bracelets

Hazards of wearing smart Bracelets

The radiation of smart bracelet is similar to that of smart phone

1. The radiation value of smart bracelet using WiFi network is about 80-100 times larger than that without wireless network;

2. When the smart bracelet is connected with Bluetooth, the radiation generated is not as large as when it is connected with WiFi network, but the peak value exceeds the standard secondary area.

In general, wearing smart bracelets should have little impact on the human body. Just as the use of smart phones used to think that there was radiation, it is now generally accepted. As long as you don’t put it beside your head when you sleep, it’s better for pregnant women not to wear it. For those who wear smart bracelets for a long time, the bacteria in their hands are much higher than those in human skin, and have reached the level that can harm the skin.

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