Beautiful China, peace first. The eyesafe social public security system customized and developed by ZTE Liwei, based on ICT, Internet of things and cloud computing technology, constructs urban comprehensive early warning system and emergency command system, improves urban management ability, strikes crimes and builds a harmonious society, which is an important content of modern urban informatization construction. Eyesafe social public security system is widely used in more than 300 cities at home and abroad, and it is the first to pass the new national standard “technical requirements for information transmission, exchange and control of security video surveillance networking system” (GB / t28181).


Creative “five dimensional integration” prevention and control system

Safe city is a systematic project. ZTE Liwei creatively put forward the concept of “five dimensions in one” prevention and control system. We should make comprehensive use of multi-system and multi-channel monitoring resources, pay attention to people, vehicles, objects and other public security prevention and control objects in urban management from multiple perspectives, and form a comprehensive and three-dimensional “five dimensional one” prevention and control system based on time and space. The urban public security monitoring and command center is the core of the “five dimensional one” prevention and control system. It deploys a large public security actual combat business platform, provides multiple core functions such as social monitoring resource integration, intelligent traffic control, information retrieval and judgment, information sharing and dispatching command, and realizes the integration and application of prevention technology, seamless connection of prevention and control time and space, whole process tracking of prevention and control objectives, and whole network coverage of prevention and control area, A complete urban social security prevention and control system.

Advantages, characteristics and application of "five dimensional integration" prevention and control system of ZTE Liwei

“Five dimensional integration” prevention and control system

Video monitoring networking and business integration application

The core business of eyesafe social public security system consists of video monitoring resource sharing platform and public security actual combat business platform system, which are respectively deployed in the video private network and public security private network of Ping’an city system. The system takes the lead in passing the authoritative detection of public security department in “technical requirements for information transmission, exchange and control of security video monitoring networking system”, Realize the network integration and business application of city level multi domain video monitoring system.

Schematic diagram of video resource integration and networking

To improve the combat effectiveness of police officers with the practical application of public security

Eyesafe social public security system takes the actual combat application of public security as the core. Through the collection, access, transmission, collection and integration of various kinds of data, pictures and image information, it links “big intelligence”, “police comprehensive”, “PGIS” and other public security information system resources, and establishes distributed storage and interrelated video monitoring resource database and case intelligence database Key businesses such as investigation and case solving, public security prevention and control, emergency response, traffic management, community policing, etc. are constructed and applied to realize a large public security practical application platform with outstanding characteristics of online patrol, video deployment, video command, video alarm, video investigation, video retrieval, image research and judgment, and intelligent analysis.

Intelligent comparison of case video database for omni directional dispatching and command

Real time control of suspected vehicles and police patrol management

Advantages and characteristics

1. Architecture design of Internet of things: the system uses cloud computing, big data and other leading technologies, based on standardized, modular and open platform design, has strong resource sharing and business integration application ability, and can perfectly integrate with the big ecosystem of digital city and smart city.

2. Practical business application: the system has a variety of practical business capabilities, such as high-definition monitoring, video detection, intelligent bayonet, police patrol, comprehensive research and judgment, plan customization, video case library, on-site command, etc., realizing the dynamic and real-time unified call of monitoring resources and police resources.

3. Video metadata Mining: Based on video analysis, video index, video concentration, video clues, license plate recognition, face recognition and other special features recognition, the system is committed to improving the plasticity and deep application of video resources from the level of basic video metadata, and establishing a business model characterized by “investigating cases, finding people and solving cases”.

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