With the popularity of electronic products, most people now use smart phones because of the needs of life or work, so they often use USB type-C connector. The most important plug-in of type-C connector is the type-C motherboard. At present, the type-C mother seat occupies a large share in the whole mobile phone connector market. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using type-C mother seat for connectors?

Advantages of type-C motherboard: 1. The transmission speed is fast, and the maximum data transmission speed can reach 10Gbit / S; 2. The size of type-C mother seat is small; 3. The availability is good. The type-C mother seat supports both front and back insertion, and can withstand 10000 times of repeated insertion and dialing; 4. It has good expansibility, and the type-C motherboard is suitable for all kinds of USB devices; 5. Type-C bus base can pass 3A current, provide 100W power at most, and realize the function of fast charging. Most of the connectors on the market support fast charging, and most of them are data lines of type-C interface.

Disadvantages of type-C bus base: 1. The spacing between pin and pin of type-C bus base is small, which is easy to cause some hair and sundries to enter, resulting in a micro short circuit between VBUS and GND at the charging terminal; 2. The structure of type-C bus base is complex, and the problem of machining accuracy can also lead to the instability of contact resistance; 3. Multiple plugging of type-C bus base will lead to the rise of resistance.


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