Computers have already entered our daily life and work. No matter when and where we will enjoy the convenience brought by computers. With the development of the Internet, we can receive information and data from all over the world at any time. In our life and work, we need to carry some data, so external storage devices have appeared as early as ten years ago. It’s a USB flash drive.

With the development of science and technology, computer equipment is also upgrading. As we need to store more and more data, the capacity of U disk can not meet the needs of our life and work, and many new storage devices have been born. Mobile hard disk is one of the best. The large capacity and convenience of carrying make it basically meet the needs of our life and work. And now there are more mobile hard disk derivatives, such as mobile hard disk box. What are the differences and benefits between them. Today, Xiaobian will analyze their advantages and disadvantages with you, so that we can better meet our own needs when we choose these products.

USB drive:

USB flash disk, full name of USB flash disk, English name “usbflashdisk”. It is a kind of micro high-capacity mobile storage product without physical drive using USB interface. It connects with computer through USB interface to realize plug and play.

Advantages: small size, easy to carry, low price.

U disk is small and easy to carry. We usually put U disk on the key chain, and we don’t think it’s cumbersome. It’s very convenient to use and take out at any time. And the price of the U disk is also very cheap, the current market price of about a few tens of dollars can buy a relatively good u disk.

Disadvantages: small capacity, easy to lose damage, slow transmission speed

U-disk in its small size advantage is also accompanied by a disadvantage, that is, easy to lose, often someone inadvertently lost U-disk, in addition, improper use or poor product quality, resulting in a rapid rise in U-disk damage rate. Another important point is that although the 3.0 transmission speed of U disk is relatively fast, it is still much lower than that of mobile hard disk.

Applicable crowd: it is suitable for people who store more documents, such as teachers, students and offices.

mobile hard disk drive:

Mobile hard disk is a kind of storage product which takes hard disk as storage medium, exchanges large capacity data between computers and emphasizes portability.

Advantages: large capacity, fast speed, easy to use

Mobile hard disk can be said to make up for the shortcomings of small capacity of U disk. It has the ability of large capacity data storage. Although compared with U disk, it is much larger, but it is also convenient to carry. It is also very cost-effective to exchange large volume for large capacity and faster reading and writing speed.

Disadvantages: high price, easy to damage, data recovery is difficult

The price of mobile hard disk is generally too high, and is afraid of falling, bumping, shaking and water. Once the physical bad track is difficult to maintain, the data recovery can not be guaranteed.

Applicable crowd: mobile hard disk is mainly used for mobile office and mobile storage. Music and video producers often save a lot of information. There are also some photography lovers, professional designers and movie lovers.

Mobile hard disk box:

The mobile hard disk box should not have appeared in this article, but I will also introduce the mobile hard disk box which is suddenly on fire. In fact, the mobile hard disk box is to protect a hard disk. At the same time, it uses a convenient connection mode to realize the function of mobile hard disk.

Advantages: low price, can effectively use the obsolete hard disk.

Mobile hard disk box does not have any storage space, it just provides an interface, we need to put a hard disk in it to play the role of mobile hard disk. But I do not recommend that you buy a new mobile hard disk + box to use. As we all know, the computer SSD has been very mature in recent years, and the price has become more people-friendly. Most of our computers still use mechanical hard disks. Upgrading computer SSDs will also become a trend. We can completely assemble the replaced mechanical hard disk with a mobile hard disk box and use it as a mobile hard disk. Even a lot of friends out of the SSD can also be put into the box. If there are idle hard disks, then in order not to waste, it is more appropriate to match a box of tens of dollars.

Small box also has great development, now the mobile hard disk box even has double hard disk bit, insert two hard disks to realize the data transmission between the hard disks, which plays a great role in the data transfer after changing the computer.

Applicable crowd: suitable for people with redundant hard disk

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