Digital calipers

Digital vernier calipers are mainly used to measure the length, internal and external diameter and depth of a measuring tool. When measuring, it is very convenient to use it when reading. The main components of calipers are ruler body, sensor, digital display part and calculation part. According to different sensors, digital display calipers can be divided into magnetic grid type and capacitive grid type.

Advantages of digital caliper

1. Save manpower and improve work efficiency

When the digital vernier calipers are measuring, the instrument will automatically collect data, and then display the readings. It does not need to record data manually, so it is convenient, fast and labor-saving. Save cost and improve work efficiency.

2. Convenient data analysis

There is a memory card in the digital vernier caliper system, and the relevant data during measurement will be saved in it, so it is convenient for us to use. We can export the data with USB, and then carry out the analysis we need. In addition, users can also use the network to obtain the relevant data if they want.

3. Connect multiple instruments

There are several ports on the data acquisition instrument of the digital display vernier caliper, so that the instrument can be connected to both ports for measurement. This is another great advantage.

4. Mobile measurement

The staff can move the caliper manually when using it, so that the movement will not cause harm to the caliper, so as to test the quality of the product.

5. Manual entry

The traditional paper input is relatively troublesome and time-consuming. The digital vernier caliper just overcomes this point. It can be manually input, so it does not need to manually input again. Convenient and labor-saving.

6. Alarm and error prevention

The caliper is easy to use, and when it is used, it will find out the situation beyond the specification. Once it is found that this situation, the system will send out an alarm sound to alarm and there will be an alarm reminder of color change.


Disadvantages of digital calipers

The repair is complicated, and there are many reasons that affect the indication.

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