At 2021ces, Dr. Lisa Su, President and CEO of AMD, delivered a keynote speech, released and demonstrated a number of new high-performance computing products. Lisa Su said that high-performance computing will once again raise people’s expectations of PCs, games and data centers.

ADM launched a number of high performance computing products to improve product performance

Lisasu has released the AMD sharp dragon 5000 series mobile processor for ultra thin and gaming laptops. The sharp dragon 5000 Series adopts a new 7nmzen3 core architecture, providing unprecedented performance levels and incredible endurance for gamers, content creators and professionals.

AMD’s sharp dragon 75800u mobile processor for ultra thin notebook has 8 cores, 16 threads, maximum acceleration frequency of 4.4ghz, and strong endurance. It can provide up to 17.5 hours of daily use and 21 hours of video playback.

HX series mobile processor is made by AMD for the game, providing excellent performance products for game players! The new amd Raptor 95900hx and Raptor 95980hx mobile processors have 8 cores, 16 threads, maximum acceleration frequency of 4.6/4.8ghz, 20MB cache (L2 + l3cache), 45W + TDP.

Lisasu said that from February 2021, the industry’s leading OEM manufacturers will gradually launch products using amd? Sharp dragon 5000 series mobile processors. It is expected to launch 150 + ultrathin and game laptops with the sharp dragon 5000 series mobile processor this year,

Lisasu introduced the third generation amdepyc Xiaolong server processor codenamed “Milan” and “Milan” with 7nmzen3 architecture. With 19% IPC performance improvement, epyc’s third generation products will become the world’s strongest x86 server processor. In addition, the third-generation epyc also strengthens important cloud services, which can bring customers the best business value and better security.

According to the comparison chart released by AMD, the performance of 32 core epyc “Milan” is 68% higher than that of 28 core Xeon 6258r processor. At the same time, amd demonstrated the weather research and forecast model (WRF) run by the third generation amdepyc processor “Milan”, which is one of the most popular tools for climate research and weather forecast.

Lisasu demonstrated the Milan operational weather research and forecasting model (WRF), one of the most popular tools for climate research and weather forecasting. Through “Milan”, the speed of weather forecast simulation can be greatly improved.

Many large cloud service providers, institutions and supercomputers use amdepyc Xiaolong processors, lisasu said.

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