Beijing, China – September 23, 2021 – analog devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI) announced that lutes, a well-known British brand, plans to adopt ADI’s wireless battery management system (wireless BMS) in its next generation electric vehicle (EV) architecture. ADI’s wireless BMS has become the choice of lutes with increasing design flexibility, higher battery maintainability and lighter weight. This engineering cooperation will help lutes safely and steadily expand its future electric vehicle platform and continue to break through the design and technical boundaries.

ADI’s wireless BMS technology eliminates the traditional harness and can reduce the harness and battery pack volume by up to 90%. In addition, it improves design flexibility and manufacturability without affecting the mileage and charging accuracy within the service life of the battery. ADI’s wireless BMS simplifies the assembly and disassembly of the battery pack and ensures that faulty battery cells can be removed and repaired quickly and efficiently.

Richard lively, director of power and chassis engineering at lutes, said: “we have worked closely with ADI to integrate wireless BMS into our new lightweight electric vehicle architecture (Leva) In the future, all lutes electric vehicles will be designed based on this architecture. Wireless BMS eliminates the traditional harness and can help lutes provide lightweight solutions. While optimizing vehicle performance, it also conforms to our brand concept of “giving excellent performance with excellent technology”

The design goal of lutes automobile body structure is to give full play to its ultra-high performance. The design flexibility of wireless BMS enables lutes engineers to be more free in vehicle design, allowing the battery pack to be integrated into the vehicle design, rather than allowing the vehicle design to adapt to the battery pack. In addition, ADI’s wireless BMS can maximize the energy utilization of each cell, so as to optimize the driving range of the vehicle, which is consistent with lutes’s focus on durability.

Roger keen, general manager of electric vehicle division of ADI company, said: “Lutes is famous for manufacturing high-performance and durable racing cars and road vehicles, and many of its models are among the classics. Together, we have re imagined the possibility and developed a revolutionary scheme for the electric vehicle industry: a new ultra lightweight powertrain structure and wireless battery management system, which not only help the vehicle achieve excellent performance, but also benefit the environment Contribute to sustainable development and a low-carbon earth. “

In addition, the battery must keep up with the service life of lutes, which is very important. The wireless BMS can measure the health status of the battery pack, simplify the assembly and disassembly process, and ensure that the faulty cell can be removed and repaired quickly and efficiently. Because the battery module is software programmable, it can realize fast online upgrade, making the maintenance of road vehicles and racing cars easier and faster. The cell controller and the battery module are used together as a maintainable unit to further simplify the service mode.

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