On August 26, ADI officially announced that it had completed the previously announced acquisition of Meixin. According to previous news, on August 23, ADI and Meixin jointly announced that the transaction of ADI’s acquisition of Meixin has obtained the antitrust license of China’s state market supervision and administration, and the transaction will be completed around August 26, 2021.


After the announcement, ADI and Meixin’s official website responded quickly. The logo image of Meixin and ADI’s merger appeared on Meixin’s official website, and Adi was also highlighted in the first picture of the official website.


Logo of Meixin official website


ADI official website banner


Vincent Roche, President and CEO of ADI, said: “Today is a significant milestone for ADI. I am very happy and welcome the maxim team. They are committed to solving the most complex technical problems of customers like us. With more than 10000 engineering talents and leading technologies covering a wider and deeper range, we can provide our customers with more complete and cutting-edge solutions. We will jointly promote the next wave of models The wave of semiconductor innovation is proposed to build a healthier, safer and more sustainable future for human society. “


According to the “ranking list of the world’s top ten analog manufacturers in 2020” released by market analysis agency IC insights, the top ten manufacturers are Ti, ADI, Scarlett, Infineon, St, NXP, Meixin, Ansenmei, microchip and Renesas electronics. From the perspective of simulated market revenue and market share, Ti is more than twice that of ADI. The addition of Meixin will quickly narrow the gap between Ti and Adi, and the battle for the first place will become more and more intense.


Source: IC insights


ADI said on its official website that after the merger, ADI will promote innovation in the following fields:


  • More complete system and software solutions

Relying on industry-leading technology, we will bring you a wider product portfolio and provide various system and software solutions to help you design and deploy products to multiple end markets more easily.


  • Leading mixed signal and power technology

The combined R & D investment of US $1.5 billion and the integration of advanced technologies in the fields of mixed signal, power supply, RF and digital sensing help you improve the impact of solutions, accelerate product launch and continue to lead innovation.


  • High quality and flexible manufacturing

Provide a stronger, flexible and responsive supply chain to achieve predictability of supply. You can benefit from excellent enterprise operation, zero defect culture aimed at preventing and eliminating quality defects, and our prediction of integrated wafer manufacturing, advanced lithography and packaging in combination with your market demand.


  • Professional and technical personnel

Our expert team has grown stronger, with more than 10000 engineers, 62 design centers and 23000 employees in 35 countries and regions around the world. Through personalized collaboration with expert teams, it helps you reduce design complexity and improve the reliability, efficiency and ease of use of solutions.

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