Beijing, China – analog devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI) today announced the launch of its extended battery management system (BMS) product line, which can meet the functional safety level of asil-d and provide new innovative low-power features to realize continuous battery monitoring. This series of new devices further enhance the differentiation advantages of ADI BMS platform, provide ultra-high precision verified in the industry, and support all major battery chemical components – including cobalt free LFP (lithium iron phosphate) – which can be used in mass market electric vehicles (EV) and battery pack recycling energy storage system (ESS).


As consumers are more and more inclined to adopt more environmentally friendly transportation modes, and the government takes active actions to create a sustainable future, the sales of pure electric vehicles continue to accelerate. The challenge facing automobile manufacturers is how to expand their electric vehicle platform cost effectively while meeting the changing global safety requirements. In addition, in order to maximize the range of each charge, the power consumption of the vehicle must be managed during driving and parking. ADI’s latest BMS products not only support a variety of cell configurations, but also have innovative low-power characteristics. Even after the vehicle is powered off, it can still complete the continuous monitoring of the battery, so as to ensure the safety under various conditions and maximize the vehicle’s mileage.

Zhu Jun, deputy chief engineer of SAIC and general manager of Jieneng, said: “the cooperation with ADI enables us to continuously improve the range of electric vehicles to meet the increasingly stringent regulatory requirements and the increasing needs of electric vehicle owners. The new series of BMS solutions enable us to continuously promote the popularity of electric vehicles among mass market consumers while promoting safety commitments. “

As electric vehicles gradually become the mainstream of the market, the demand for BMS is also growing. Asil-d certification means that the new BMS solution can meet the highest standards for functional safety of road vehicles proposed by global regulators.

Patrick Morgan, vice president of automotive division of ADI, said: “our customers have regarded ADI as a BMS performance leader, especially when they are faced with the challenge of expanding their electric vehicle platform and meeting new market demand. Our latest BMS products not only provide new functions such as continuous battery monitoring, but also support battery recycling and reuse of energy storage system to support circular economy. “

Main features and advantages

The BMS products of ADI company are optimized for 6 to 18 cell modules, which can provide a series of features throughout the vehicle life cycle and device temperature range, including low-power continuous battery monitoring, advanced functional safety and ultra-high precision worldwide.

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