Beijing, China – March 29, 2022 – analog devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI) and gridpertise announced a partnership to improve the resilience and quality of the global smart grid. Gridspertise is a supplier of advanced sustainable solutions for distribution system operators (DSO), which belongs to Enel group. The two sides will work together to develop new hardware and software to support the self-healing and adaptability of the distribution network and deal with major changes in energy supply and demand around renewable energy.


Over the past 15 years, ADI and Enel group have worked closely together for a long time to build smart meters and power grid digital solutions. Based on this, the cooperation between ADI and gridspertise will provide more accurate measurement and monitoring by using real-time data. This not only improves the reliability of the power grid (thanks to faster response time), improves the flexibility of the power grid and improves the quality of customer service, but also improves the operation efficiency and service flexibility of power companies, and speeds up the transition to clean energy. These technologies are suitable for improving traditional infrastructure in different regions and different life stages without costly reconstruction; In addition, it can minimize the impact of assets on the environment and promote digitization to become a key driving force for deepening the sustainability of distribution networks.

Robert denda, chief executive officer of gridspertise, said: “Through the open innovation strategy, gridspertise has established cooperative relations with important participants in different industries to jointly promote the industrialization process, provide advanced hardware and software solutions for the digital distribution network market, and support the global DSO to accelerate the energy transformation. We are honored to follow Enel’s pace and establish friendly cooperation with ADI. We will continue to provide cutting-edge grid edge technologies to help operators better manage residential and commercial buildings The overall demand for buildings and support the future energy system for customers to become productive consumers. “

Gridspertise groundbreaking solution quantum edge ® Equipment (QED) is the core of the digitization of secondary substation. The power and precision technology of ADI provides it with enhanced functions of analog-to-digital conversion, protection, precision measurement, metering and isolation. Quantum Edge ® The equipment is the first in the industry, which can completely virtualize the physical components of the secondary substation, turn it into a customizable edge application, support new use cases and improve the management of key grid functions.

Patrick Morgan, vice president of automotive electrification and sustainable energy division of ADI, said: “From vehicles to energy storage to charging stations, ADI technology covers the entire electrified ecosystem, and is increasingly important to the distribution network. In the field of distribution network, high-precision measurement and digitization are indispensable to improve flexibility and flexibility. We are pleased to expand our cooperation with gridpertise to a new generation of advanced power measurement, isolation, sensing and control solutions.”

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