ADI ADIN2111 Dual Port Ethernet Switch

The ADIN2111 dual-port Ethernet switch from Analog Devices (ADI) is available now from Mouser Electronics. ADI continues to expand its portfolio of 10BASE-T1L single-pair Ethernet solutions with the introduction of the ADIN2111, which provides a complete single-chip solution for 10BASE-T1L line, ring and daisy-chain networks. These switches consume up to 50 percent less power and occupy up to 75 percent less board space than discrete solutions. The ADIN2111 switch also adds long-distance Ethernet connectivity for controllers, sensors and actuators, helping enable more efficient and sustainable building management.

ADI’s ADIN2111 dual-port Ethernet switch features two integrated physical layer (PHY) cores, a media access control (MAC) interface, SPI, I/O clock buffers, and analog circuitry to provide a flexible solution for network topologies and support long-term Inter-node distances of up to 1 km. The four-wire SPI used to communicate with the host can be configured as an OPEN Alliance SPI or a general-purpose SPI, both modes supporting optional data protection or cyclic redundancy check (CRC). This integrated switch with SPI operates at 10Mbps full duplex, supports frame forwarding for 16 MAC addresses, and features MDIO memory mapping accessible via SPI.

The ADIN2111 supports line lengths of up to 1,700 meters while consuming only 77mW, and the two PHY cores support data transmission voltage swings of 1V or 2.4V using a supply voltage from 1.8V to 3.3V. The device can automatically forward traffic between the two Ethernet ports without external management.

The ADIN2111 dual-port Ethernet switch is ideal for applications such as industrial building and factory automation installations, edge sensors and actuators, and condition monitoring and machine connectivity. A companion evaluation board (EVAL-ADIN2111EBZ) is available for this device, also available at Mouser.

Editor: Huang Fei


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