Analog devices, Inc. introduces the industry’s first fully integrated true rail to rail input buffer Σ-Δ With a throughput rate of 250 ksps, it can provide designers with industry-leading noise performance.

Ad7175-2 (ad7175-2 Data Book) Σ-Δ Type ADC has 24 noise free bits at 20sps and 17.2 noise free bits at 250ksps, which provides designers with a wider dynamic range and can realize small signal measurement deviation required by laboratory analytical instrument system. Compared with competitive solutions, ad7175-2 has twice the throughput rate under the same power consumption, can achieve a faster and more responsive measurement system, and provides a scanning rate of 50ksps per channel and a setup time of 20 microseconds. This combination makes it very suitable for PLC and distributed control system input module applications.

Integrated, low noise, true rail to rail input buffer can realize fast and convenient sensor interface, reduce design and layout complexity, simplify analog drive circuit and reduce PCB area. The ad717x series has a wide range of pin and software compatible devices, allowing integration and standardization across system platforms.

TI AD7175-2 Σ-Δ ADCs provide industry-leading noise performance

Ad7175-2 ADC characteristics

  • User configurable input channel
  • 2 differential or 4 single ended channels
  • Each channel has independent programming ability
  • Integrated 2.5V buffered 2ppm / ° C reference voltage source
  • Flexible programmable digital filter with independent channels
  • The enhanced filter can realize 50Hz and 60Hz synchronous suppression
  • Operating temperature range: − 40 ° C to + 105 ° C

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