In recent years, electrical fires have occurred frequently in our country, causing heavy casualties and property losses. In order to effectively curb the high incidence of electrical fires and ensure the safety of people’s lives and property, the Safety Committee of the State Council decided to organize and carry out a three-year comprehensive management of electrical fires nationwide. And issued the “Notice of the Work Safety Committee of the State Council on Carrying Out Comprehensive Control of Electrical Fires” [Safety Committee [2017] No. 4] document.

Provincial and municipal safety supervision commissions have also issued documents one after another, clearly requiring all cities (states) to actively promote the application of “scientific and technological prevention and control • smart electricity use” technology, and all localities must continuously improve the level of technology, information and intelligence in electrical fire prevention and control. It is necessary to actively encourage people-intensive places, flammable and explosive places, large urban complexes, high-rise buildings, labor-intensive enterprises, logistics and warehousing enterprises, and residential quarters to promote the use of intelligent safety hazard supervision service platforms such as residual current protection devices to realize 24-hour online monitoring of electrical equipment and electrical lines, SMS reminders of abnormal conditions, hand-held inspection electricians, regular formation of inspection reports, remote services and other functions can effectively curb the occurrence of electrical fires.

This article takes Hangzhou Qiandao Lake Yilong Power Equipment Co., Ltd. as an example to introduce the application of the smart and safe electricity management platform in various places.

1. Reference standard

The national standards followed by the safe electricity management platform are:

DL/T 5430-2009 “Technical Regulations for Design of Remote Monitoring Center of Unattended Substation”

GB/T 2887-2011 “General Specifications for Computer Sites”

Q/GDW 231-2008 “Technical Guidelines for Unattended Substations and Monitoring Centers”

GB13955-2005 “Installation and Operation of Residual Current Operating Protective Devices”

GB14287-2014 “Electrical Fire Monitoring System”

GB50016-2006 “Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings”

GB50045-1995 “Code for Fire Protection Design of High-rise Civil Buildings”

GB50116-2013 “Code for Design of Automatic Fire Alarm System”

JGJ16-2008 “Code for Fire Protection of Civil Building Electrical Design”

2. System architecture

The safe power management platform is designed with a layered distributed structure, that is, the field device layer, the network communication layer and the station control management layer. The detailed topology is as follows:

Electric leakage fire detectors, residual current transformers, temperature sensors and current transformers are installed in the power distribution cabinets in each place to collect and monitor the current operating status of the electrical circuit. When the current, operating current, temperature, voltage and other parameters exceed the standard, an audible and visual alarm signal will be issued immediately, and the signal will be further uploaded to the cloud server through wireless, and the intelligent dispatching technician will be reminded through the cloud server; each detector is equipped with a wireless transmission Module, wireless transmission adopts 2G network to transmit data to receive electrical parameters from leakage fire detectors, and further upload to the cloud server; the cloud server installs the safe electricity platform software through the mode of renting the Alibaba Cloud server, and intelligently dispatches technicians through the client (Local computer, mobile APP, SMS) Receive various operating data and alarm information provided by the platform software, and provide operation and maintenance services.

3. Functions of the safe electricity management platform

The safe electricity management software adopts a pure B/S structure. The intelligent dispatching technicians can access all software functions through the IE browser on the client side. The client does not need to install any client software. It supports access from multiple platforms, and the Web terminal display system, APP Terminal software, electrical safety terminal equipment, and mobile phone APP software have both IOS and Android versions.

3.1 Platform login

The user directly enters the cloud server domain name through the client computer browser, and can directly log in to the safe power management software remotely through the user name and authorized password.

3.2 Platform homepage

Through the homepage of the platform, you can quickly browse the hidden danger inspection interface or hidden danger processing interface, hidden dangers this month, fault statistics, and project information map navigation. Intelligent dispatching technicians can view the number of hidden dangers, hidden danger locations, hidden danger occurrence frequency and other methods through curves and maps. The reception and distribution of tasks, and the status of the projects that need to be queried can be quickly checked through the project list and map.

3.3 Real-time monitoring

Through the real-time monitoring interface, in addition to real-time display of information such as the customer, address, building area, fire-fighting facilities, safety person in charge, contact number, number of equipment, number of detectors and other information of the project, it also displays unprocessed alarms and unresolved Handle fault information, subordinate equipment and detectors, and view the basic information, switch operation, data monitoring, real-time data, parameter settings, historical information and alarm information of each equipment and detectors.

3.4 Risk management

Hidden danger management includes hidden danger inspection, hidden danger treatment, and hidden danger records. The purpose of hidden danger inspection is to issue work orders after hidden dangers occur. Therefore, only hidden danger records that have not been issued work orders are displayed on the page, including hidden danger types, creation time, and project names. , device ID, location, fault cause, etc. records, and the task can be dispatched through the “Dispatch” button; hidden danger handling is work order processing, which means that the work order needs to be confirmed by the current login user, forming a closed loop of hidden danger handling. For the currently logged-in user and unprocessed work order records; hidden danger records display all hidden danger records, which can be classified and displayed according to hidden danger type (alarm, fault) and status (undispatched, dispatched and unprocessed, dispatched and processed). Create time, project name, location and other conditions to perform targeted query operations on hidden danger record information.

3.5 Statistical analysis

Statistical analysis includes data summary and analysis report. The data summary displays the alarm and fault records of each month in the form of curves and tables, and displays the control log at the same time. It supports separate display according to the control type and parameter setting type, and can also be displayed according to whether the operation is successful. Including the operation status of this control, project name, equipment information and corresponding operation time, etc.; the analysis report includes the overall overview and equipment circuit feature analysis.

3.6 Background management

According to the needs of operation and maintenance scheduling management, intelligent scheduling technicians can be divided into different roles, and the safe power management platform can also provide a variety of different roles: super administrators, platform administrators, network users, etc., users with different permissions The scope of query is different. Super administrator users can also add, modify or delete corresponding user information; users can add or modify managed users in the background management to facilitate the access and modification of new operation and maintenance projects; SMS receiving number can also be added or modified through the background management module;

3.7 Mobile APP Functions

The mobile phone APP software has IOS version and Android version, and it is synchronized with the data of the computer terminal system. It can display real-time monitoring data and change curves, historical data and change curves of electrical safety parameters such as residual current, temperature, voltage and current; Real-time alarm data of electrical faults such as line, leakage, over-temperature, overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, etc.; can display the geographical location of the project in real time, the number of hidden dangers that have not been eliminated, the number of inspections that have not been processed, etc.; remind users through APP message push Real-time alarm information; remote reset and remote opening functions can be realized; remote parameter setting and modification of all on-site detectors can be performed; remote control records of all on-site detectors can be queried;

4 Conclusion

The use of the safe electricity management platform can help the intelligent dispatching technicians of various operation and maintenance enterprises to discover the potential safety hazards of electrical lines and electrical equipment in real time (such as: cable temperature and leakage, etc.), effectively preventing the occurrence of electrical fires. This service system can effectively solve the problems of old electrical cables in power consumers, small and micro enterprises without professional electricians, the naked eye cannot directly check electrical hidden dangers, and hidden engineering hidden dangers are difficult to check. The management personnel of the power consumption unit send early warning information to guide the power consumption unit to carry out governance and eliminate potential safety hazards. Promoting the use of safe electricity use platforms is an effective measure to prevent electrical fires from the source. It is to guide enterprises to firmly establish safety awareness, fully implement the main responsibility of safe production and operation enterprises, and promote enterprises to firmly establish safe production (operation) technical defense and physical defense construction. , Strengthen the hardware foundation of enterprise (operation) safety production, establish and improve the enterprise hidden danger investigation and management mechanism and a powerful starting point for improving the intrinsic safety level of enterprises.

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