【Summary】This paper introduces that under the background of the continuous improvement of social and economic level, users have higher and higher requirements for the power system of 10kV substations, the complexity of the system is constantly increasing, and the difficulty of power grid operation and maintenance management is gradually increasing. In order to help users effectively manage substations and distribution systems, an automated, intelligent, and efficient cloud platform for power operation and maintenance management is an important trend in the development of power-related enterprises in the future. By providing a modern intelligent construction solution – the substation operation and maintenance cloud platform, on the basis of various intelligent sensors, instruments and equipment, our company has realized energy consumption monitoring, real-time alarm, environmental monitoring, and video monitoring by means of information technology. , monthly report, operation and maintenance management, power consumption analysis, equipment control and other functions, effectively solve the pain points and defects in the traditional operation and maintenance system, reduce the operation and maintenance cost of the substation, simplify the operation and maintenance process, and improve the operation and maintenance. dimension efficiency.

1 Introduction

Electricity is a basic industry related to the national economy and people's livelihood. Electricity supply and security are related to the national security strategy and the overall economic and social development. The "13th Five-Year Plan" document clearly stated that the 13th Five-Year Plan is a critical period for deepening reforms, and it is also an important period of opportunity for the power industry to accelerate the transformation and development. At the same time, according to the relevant reports released by the China Electricity Council and the General Electric Power Design and Planning Institute in recent years, it can be seen that my country's energy consumption is developing steadily with a sustained growth trend. It can be seen from this that my country's power industry and power system are constantly developing and improving, and their scale is also expanding. Power distribution-related equipment is the key to the stable and reliable operation of the power grid. Efforts are made to improve the safe operation capability of the power grid and maintain the safety and stability of the power system. become a natural requirement for energy security. The huge scale of the power grid and the stock of power transmission and transformation equipment make the intelligent operation and maintenance of the power system an important means to ensure the healthy and safe operation of power equipment.

2 Market Status

With the continuous improvement and development of our country's social economy, the demand for the stability, safety, rationality and ease of use of the power system in all walks of life is constantly rising. The stable operation of the power system and the management of energy conservation and efficiency enhancement, and the power supply reliability of the substations are an important guarantee for the normal operation of the enterprise, and its operation and maintenance work has also received more and more attention.

However, since the substation sites are scattered, the operation and maintenance enterprise needs to invest a lot of resources in order to realize the unified management of the site, and the labor cost of professional operation and maintenance personnel is relatively high, so the problem of rational scheduling of human resources is particularly prominent. At the same time, in order to effectively monitor the operation of the substation, a variety of electrical equipment is usually installed in the substation. These equipments have many brands, various models and difficult maintenance. Moreover, the equipment installed in many substations is old, and the amount of monitoring of the operating environment is far from enough. For some traditional mechanical meters, manual meter reading needs to be completed, and the workload of personnel is huge. The monitoring data of the substation cannot be analyzed as a whole, and users lack effective cognition of their own site conditions. These are all kinds of inconveniences in the traditional operation and maintenance of the market. In order to solve the above defects, improve the intelligence of the operation and maintenance of substations, and effectively meet the needs of users for modern operation and maintenance methods, our company provides safe, reliable, and A solution for building a modern intelligent operation and maintenance platform.

3 product solutions

AcrelCloud-1000 substation operation and maintenance cloud platform, using modern Internet communication technology, cloud computing, big data analysis and other information technology and comprehensive management strategies to provide users with safe online and offline operation and maintenance monitoring services for substations.

The platform uses a high computing power edge computing gateway to unify and standardize the data collected by smart meters and sensors, and upload it to the cloud server for unified storage in wired/wireless network transmission mode. Through the functions of real-time power monitoring, energy consumption analysis, equipment lean management, task operation and maintenance scheduling, monthly report display, environmental video monitoring and other functions provided by the platform, it can help users to analyze the operating environment of the substation, reduce the time of failure and power outage, and protect the power grid. The purpose of stable power supply and safe operation of equipment.

The AcrelCloud-1000 substation operation and maintenance platform is designed with a layered and distributed structure. The platform can be deployed on hardware servers purchased by users or on cloud servers leased by users (such as Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Huawei Cloud, etc.) . The resources required by the cloud server are as follows(recommend):

Recommended configuration for self-purchased servers to set up private cloud:

The system topology is as follows:

A set of intelligent gateway is installed in the substation and distribution room to collect the data of the intelligent equipment in the substation. After protocol conversion, compression and encryption, it is uploaded regularly or triggered to upload the platform. The platform can complete the data exchange for all intelligent devices in the substation and distribution room. Real-time monitoring of the operating status of important operating equipment such as transformers and circuit breakers in the substation; real-time monitoring of digital quantities such as the operating data and ambient temperature of each circuit in the substation and distribution room; the communication management unit is connected to the local area network in the plant to transmit data to data processing end.

The system can be divided into four layers: perception layer, transport layer, application layer and presentation layer.

Perception layer: including multi-function meters installed in substations, temperature and humidity monitoring devices, cameras, switching value acquisition devices, etc. Except the camera, other devices are connected to the RS485 port of the field intelligent gateway through the RS485 bus.

Transport layer: Contains devices such as field intelligent gateways and switches. The intelligent gateway actively collects the data of the field device layer equipment, and can perform protocol conversion, data storage, and upload the data to the designated server port through the switch. When the network fails, the data can be stored locally, and resume from the interrupted position when the network is restored. Upload data to ensure that server-side data is not lost.

Application layer: includes application server and database server. If the number of substations is less than 30, the application server and database server can be configured together. The server must have a fixed IP address to receive the data actively transmitted by each intelligent gateway.

Display layer: Users access platform information through multiple terminals such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

4 core functions

monthly energy report

The monthly energy consumption report supports users to query the electricity consumption of the managed stations according to the total electricity consumption, substation name, substation number, etc. The large query span is a month.

Site monitoring

Site monitoring includes overview, operation status, event record of the day, hourly electricity consumption curve of the day, and electricity consumption overview.

Transformer Status

Transformer status allows users to query the power, load rate, and other operating status data of all or a certain station, and supports ranking in ascending and descending order of load rate and power.

Operation and maintenance

Operation and maintenance displays the information on the location and total amount of substations managed by the current user on the map.

Power distribution diagram

The power distribution diagram shows the power distribution information of the selected substation, and the power distribution diagram shows the switching status, current and other operating status and information of each circuit, and supports the query of detailed operating parameters such as voltage, current, power, etc.

Video Surveillance

The video surveillance shows the current real-time screen (live video). Select a substation to view the video information in the substation.

Electricity operation report

The power operation report shows the real-time value and average line statistics of the operation parameters and the real-time value of the electric energy meter reading for each loop of the selected equipment in the selected station.

Alarm information

Analyze all alarm information of the platform.

task management

On the task management page, you can publish inspection or defect elimination tasks, view the status and completion of inspection or defect elimination tasks, and click View tasks to view specific inspection information.

User report

The user report page is mainly used to automatically summarize the operation data of the selected substation for one month, and perform statistical analysis on the transformer load, power consumption of the distribution circuit, power factor, alarm events, etc., and list them in the cycle. Various types of defects found during inspection and their handling.

APP monitoring

The power operation and maintenance mobile phone supports seven modules: "Monitoring System", "Equipment File", "To-Do List", "Inspection Record", "Defect Record", "Document Management" and "User Report". Volume, power consumption, video, curve, temperature and humidity, year-on-year, chain ratio, power quality, various event alarm query, equipment file query, to-do event processing, inspection record query, user report, document management, etc.

5. Applicable products

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