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Sources said Bain Capital joined the CVC camp to bid for Toshiba

CVC capital partners, a British private equity firm, is working with Bain Capital, an American private equity firm, to draft a proposal to buy Toshiba.

According to reports, CVC plans to buy Toshiba for us $20 billion, jointly with several Japanese companies and a government supported investment fund. However, a number of people familiar with the matter said yesterday that KKR, the world’s top investment institution, plans to spend more than $20bn to bid for Toshiba with CVC. In addition, a number of us and European funds are also looking for investment opportunities.

Meanwhile, Toshiba announced today that the company’s CEO, onobuaki kurumatani, has resigned and the CEO position will be replaced by Chairman Satoshi tsunakawa. The new management will review the offers in a transparent manner.

CVC plans to submit a revised offer before Friday, including Bain Capital, the report said. Bain Capital led the acquisition of Toshiba’s semiconductor division kioxia in 2018, thus maintaining a good relationship with Toshiba. Currently, Bain’s assets under management are about $130 billion.

Dell plans to divest 80% of VMware to reduce its debt, worth $9.7 billion

On April 15, Dell technology said on Wednesday that it would divest 81% of its stake in VMware, a cloud computing software developer, to create two independent listed companies. The move will help Dell reduce its debt burden. Affected by the news, Dell shares rose more than 8% in after hours trading.

VMware will pay a special cash dividend of $11.5 billion to $12 billion to all its shareholders, of which Dell will receive a dividend of $9.3 billion to $9.7 billion. Benefiting from companies seeking to cut costs and move to the cloud, VMware is currently Dell’s best performing business unit.

It is reported that for Dell, this special dividend will help it reduce its long-term debt by $41.62 billion, most of which was owed when it spent $67 billion to acquire EMC, the parent company of VMware, in 2016.

MediaTek’s revenue hit a new high in March and its performance in the first quarter exceeded expectations

On April 15, Lianfa released its financial report for March 2021 and the first quarter this week. Consolidated revenue in March 401 . NT $4.7 billion . 1.7 billion), a monthly increase of 23 . thirty-two % , up 75% from the same period last year . eighty-nine % , up 23% on February this year . thirty-three %.

In addition, the combined revenue of MediaTek from January to March 2021 was NT $108.033 billion (about RMB 24.804 billion), exceeding the original target of NT $96.4 billion to NT $104.1 billion, with a quarterly increase of 12.06% and an annual increase of 77.5%, rewriting the record of single quarter performance.

Due to the overall growth of major product lines such as mobile phone chips, Internet of things and TV chips, the revenue of MediaTek in March and the first quarter exceeded 40 billion yuan and 100 billion yuan respectively. According to the data, MediaTek will account for 27% of the smartphone chip market in 2020 % , slightly higher than Qualcomm’s 25 %。

It is said that in 2020, MediaTek will supply 3 million processors to major smartphone manufacturers . 51.8 billion, 2.2% higher than that in 2019 . 3.8 billion, an increase of 1 . 13.8 billion, a year-on-year increase of 47 . eight % In 2020, MediaTek will become the world’s largest smartphone processor supplier for the first time.

Science and Technology Innovation Board

Weima: it’s advancing in an orderly way. If there are problems in material review, it’s untrue

On April 15, according to the rumor that Weima automobile has suspended its IPO application on the science and technology innovation board, Weima automobile responded that the so-called “problems in the review of listing materials” is false news. At present, the preparation for listing is progressing in an orderly manner. Please refer to the announcement of Shanghai stock exchange for the specific situation. For those who deliberately spread false information, Weima automobile reserves the right to pursue responsibility according to law.

Earlier today, it was reported that Weima automobile had suspended its IPO application on the science and technology innovation board. People familiar with the matter said that many problems were found in the review of its listing materials.

Founded in 2015, Weima automobile is an emerging new energy vehicle product and travel solution provider in China. On September 22 last year, Weima automobile just announced the completion of round D financing with a total amount of 10 billion yuan, which is also the largest single round financing in the history of new car building forces. As of round D financing, the accumulated financing amount of Weima automobile has reached nearly 33 billion yuan.

In December 2017, Weima motor released its first SUV mass production vehicle Ex5, which was delivered in September 2018. According to the official sales data of Weima automobile, the total sales volume of the whole year last year reached 22495, a year-on-year increase of 33 . three %。 Among them, the sales volume in the fourth quarter reached 8609, up 38 . 95, a record single quarter sales.

At the end of September last year, Weima automobile officially launched the listing guidance filing, and planned to be listed on the science and technology innovation board. At the end of January this year, the official website of Shanghai Securities Regulatory Bureau showed that Weima automobile had completed the listing guidance, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange was about to accept the application materials submitted by the company.

new product

Samsung Semiconductor released a new generation of vehicle light source pixcell LED module, which will be used in automobile intelligent headlight

On April 15, it was reported that Samsung semiconductors has launched a new generation of vehicle light source pixcell LED module, which will be applied to the intelligent headlamp of automobile.

According to the introduction, the intelligent headlamp is an intelligent anti dazzle driving beam system (ADB), which is used to maintain the lighting state of the front lamps in daily life, and automatically control the headlamp lighting when sensing the oncoming vehicle in front.

Samsung Semiconductor said that the newly developed pixcellled is an ultra small LED solution suitable for vehicle intelligent headlight, which can realize lighting control through smaller luminous area and light dark contrast.

In addition, Samsung’s products reduce the luminous area to 1 / 16 of that of ordinary intelligent headlights, making the volume of the whole lamp smaller, helping to improve the fuel efficiency of the car, and increasing the design flexibility of the lamp.

It is understood that Samsung Semiconductor has cooperated with Chinese automobile enterprises in the field of intelligent headlights, and domestic consumers will soon be able to see cars equipped with pixcell LED intelligent headlights.


Sa: with the development of 5g, mobile data revenue of operators has dropped to less than US $1 / GB

April 15 – with mobile data revenue falling below $1 / GB in Q4 for the first time in 2020, mobile operators are still trying to upgrade ARPU through network upgrading, according to a report by strategy analytics. The recent research report “with the development of 5g, the revenue per GB of mobile data is less than US $1” released by strategy analytics points out that the growth of service revenue in the two strong 5g markets of South Korea and China is weak, and the global consumer 5g market will be full of challenges in 2021.

It is reported that according to the data from the benchmarking database of strategic analytics wireless operators, in Q4 of 2020, the global cellular data traffic increased by 35% year on year, but the total revenue of mobile services only increased by 0.6%. The database tracks 82% of operators worldwide. The main findings of the report include:

· The subscription volume of 5g network increased from 2 . one % 3% in December 2020 . 0 % Among them, China accounts for 80% of the total number of users in the world %;

·China and India have a huge influence on the global revenue per GB in terms of quantity. Q4 is only US $0.55 and US $0.10 on average;

·In the past five years, Finland’s unlimited data package based on speed has increased average revenue per user (ARPU) by 17%, while Western Europe’s ARPU has decreased by 15%.

Strategy analytics points out: “for operators who are used to thinking based on utility income or unit cost, quantity based data pricing will give them a headache. As the capacity growth brought by 5g dilutes the value per GB, operators need to increase revenue through better experience and richer content, rather than more data. “

Strategy analytics added: “as many consumers choose price packages that give priority to their budget, data usage needs to come next, operators need to keep users away from large capacity low-cost packages, and the idea that 150gb is much better than 100GB. We are still in the process of resetting data pricing. “

Qualcomm successfully realizes dual connection 5g data call in FDD / TDD and millimeter wave band

On April 15, Qualcomm technologies announced today that it has successfully completed the dual connection 5g data call in sub-6ghz FDD / TDD band and millimeter wave band based on 5g independent Networking (SA) mode.

Engineers of Qualcomm technologies carry the fourth generation of Qualcomm snapdragon ™ X655g modem, RF system and smart phone terminal of qtm545 millimeter wave antenna module realized the dual connection data call in 5gsub-6ghz FDD band and 28ghz millimeter wave band at first, and then realized the dual connection data call in 5gsub-6ghz TDD band and 39ghz millimeter wave band, demonstrating the combination of snapdragon X65 in converging high, medium and low frequency spectrum to support global key bands It’s powerful.

Band aggregation, including dual connectivity using millimeter wave and sub-6ghz bands, is critical for providing the thousands of megabits of speed and super capacity required by the next generation of consumer and enterprise applications. The frequency band combination across different types of radio spectrum will not only support 5g mobile terminal, but also achieve the speed comparable to wired broadband through wireless connection even in challenging network environment, such as crowded and traffic hub, and provide stable and reliable 5g fixed wireless access service for families and small enterprises.

It is reported that the mobile terminal equipped with Qualcomm X65 baseband chip is expected to be released later in 2021.

Internet of things

2021 yunmi AI strategic new products announced: intelligent landing in thousands of Chinese families

April 15 news recently, yunmi held a spring new product launch, releasing AI strategic new products, including eyebotai health testing toilet, erox cloud spring AI mineral purifier, etc. As the pioneer of Internet appliances in the whole house, yunmi has made “5giot Internet in the whole house” come to tens of millions of families in China, turning the family into a whole.

The 2021 yunmi series AI new products, from the four aspects of health care, automatic intelligence, home safety and natural voice interaction, comprehensively interpret the “helpful” of AI technology, drive the landing of AI intelligence in thousands of families in China, comprehensively cover all scenes of family life, and bring subversive smart home life to users.

As an important driving force of a new round of technological revolution and industrial change, the integration of AI technology and smart home is deepening. But at the same time, the abuse of the concept of “artificial intelligence” is also common: artificial intelligence is used as a gimmick, and the installation of remote control switch on ordinary curtains becomes “smart home”? Call the voice assistant repeatedly, but the little assistant doesn’t answer the question? Sweeping robot is always stuck in the corner, the surface of “artificial intelligence”, the actual “artificial mental retardation”? In the face of a wide range of smart appliances on the market, consumers always have doubts: “is intelligence really useful?”

Useful is the meaning of technological change. How to make devices perceive, analyze and judge like human beings, and help users solve problems actively? Yunmi’s “helpful” strategy in 2021 gives the answer. AI intelligence is useful and can help users solve problems. Around the “helpful” core, yunmi releases a series of AI strategic new products to solve various problems in users’ smart home life and promote the full implementation of home AI applications.

At the 2021 yunmi new product launch, we saw that AI technology is constantly evolving home, which is full of “wisdom” like “class”. From the smart of 5giot in the past, to the health care, active intelligence, home safety and natural language interaction realized by Ai: helpful, yunmi is showing us the infinite possibilities of the future home with technological breakthroughs and generation after generation of AI products.

Industrial control and medical treatment

Schneider Electric released a new generation of flusarc40.5k indoor gas insulated ring main unit, providing a steady escort for the leap forward development of new energy

Recently, Schneider Electric, a global expert in digital transformation of energy management and automation, announced the launch of a new generation of flusarc40.5kv indoor gas insulated ring main unit, aiming to provide stable and reliable functional support for the steady development of offshore wind power and other new energy, and promote the digital transformation of new energy equipment.

Schneider Electric has comprehensively upgraded the function and performance of the original flusarc indoor gas insulated ring main unit to meet the challenges of more stringent operation conditions and intelligent upgrading, and perfectly meet the requirements of offshore wind power, photovoltaic power generation, oil and gas industry box transformer, onshore wind power and other application industries.

Compared with before upgrading, the new generation flusarc40.5kv indoor gas insulated ring main unit has achieved significant improvement in the following aspects:

Key indicators: the short-time withstand current of the new generation flusarc40.5kv indoor gas insulated ring main unit can reach 25kA / 4S (circuit breaker unit) and 25kA / 3S (load switch unit), reaching the leading level in the industry. It can reliably and effectively meet the new requirements of 25kA / 3S for short-time withstand current of large wind farms, and significantly improve the safety and reliability of operation.

The new generation flusarc40.5kv indoor gas insulated ring main unit has also achieved “quality” improvement, with the protection level of its gas box reaching IP67; the protection level of the whole unit is IP4X; the protection level of low-voltage box and mechanism panel is ip51. In addition, the new generation of ring main unit in the environmental test, on the basis of the original conventional test items, specially added a series of marine environmental test types, such as tilt swing test, high temperature test, low temperature test, random vibration test, impact test, etc., which can better meet the environmental reliability requirements of offshore wind power and other customers.

Flexible, easy to connect and easy to maintain: the new generation flusarc40.5kv indoor gas insulated ring main unit has been optimized in size and is more compact in shape, which can realize the single cabinet in and out of the fan tower. The three position switch adopts the upper isolation mode, which can select Manual and electric modes. It not only supports remote operation, but also realizes feeder grounding through circuit breaker, which has longer electrical life and safer maintenance. In addition, the bus adopts a more mature B-Link form and is placed in the gas box to achieve better anti-corrosion performance. There is no need for gas work on site. Even when the fault unit needs to be removed on site, there is no need to move other cabinets, which makes the maintenance more convenient.

Intelligent upgrade and optimized delivery: the new generation flusarc40.5kv indoor gas insulated ring main unit can choose mature and complete intelligent solutions, and can be equipped with offshore version components to better meet the expansion needs of customers in intelligent management and upgrade in the future. In addition, in order to respond to customer demand more timely, Schneider Electric also shortens the delivery time of products through supply chain optimization.


Chinese AI companies set three new voice technology records in succession

It is reported on April 15 that since April, cloud, an AI start-up company under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has made a number of breakthroughs in speech technology through optimizing algorithms and proposing new models. It has set a number of authoritative records in the fields of semantic error correction, speech recognition, deep learning and noise reduction, surpassing the best results previously set by Amazon, Sogou and other enterprises.

In terms of semantic error correction, the new model proposed by Yuncong team reduces the word error rate (CER) of the first WFST decoding and the second RNN re scoring by 21.7% and 10.3% respectively on the authoritative Chinese speech recognition data set aishell and Tsinghua University speech thchs30 test set. The reduction of word error rate means that speech can be converted into words more accurately and semantic errors can be corrected as much as possible. This improvement makes AI more “understandable”.

In the aspect of speech recognition, cloud from the new model combines speech recognition and speaker voiceprint recognition to improve the recognition rate and robustness in different speaker scenarios. The new model refreshes aishell’s recognition record and reduces the word error rate to 4 . thirty-four % , 8% lower than the best in the past %。 This improvement means that AI can recognize the speaker more accurately and make AI more “audible”.

In the aspect of deep learning noise reduction, the deep learning noise reduction model proposed by Yuncong team based on “convolution recurrent neural network with attention mechanism” has achieved the best results in the data set of the industry top meeting interspeech2020 dnschallenge competition, and has relatively improved by more than 10% in indicators such as PESQ (index for measuring distortion). These improvements are mainly aimed at removing noise in noisy environment, making speech clearer and AI more “audible”.

“Every one percentage point increase in accuracy of voice technology is like conquering a mountain.” Yao Zhiqiang, co-founder of Yuncong technology, said that this time, Yuncong has made new breakthroughs in three voice technologies, which not only shows the scientific research foundation and innovation ability of the enterprise, but also highlights the comprehensiveness and comprehensiveness of Yuncong in the field of AI technology. In recent years, voice technology has been widely used in people’s lives, but most of them rely on intelligent voice devices to interact with one person in a quiet indoor environment. Many innovative models proposed by Yuncong team are of great significance to break through the bottleneck of the industry and overcome complex application problems such as noisy environment and multi person dialogue.

Automotive electronics

Faraday will establish a global o2o direct sales organization in the future and announce jolta as a sales partner

Today, Faraday future (FF) announced its new global online to offline (o2o) direct sales organization, strategy and sales partner.

FF said that it will adopt the direct sales mode to go to the market, and expand its light asset sales network by using its online platform, FF’s own stores, as well as partner stores and exhibition halls.

According to reports, FF’s goal is to carry out sales business in 20 top cities in the world in the future. Up to now, the company has signed contracts with many sales partners including China harmony new energy vehicle Holding Co., Ltd. (harmony group) in China.

On the other hand, on Wednesday local time, FF announced the signing of a contract with jolta, which is headquartered in Florida, making jolta the first sales partner of Faraday in the United States in the future.

Jolta is the first electric vehicle dealer in the United States. Its electric vehicle distribution network plans to cover more than 15 major cities in the United States by 2025, and more than 30 major cities in the United States by 2030.

It is understood that FF is currently preparing to merge with property solutions acquisition Corp. (PSAC), a special purpose acquisition company, which is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2021. After the merger, Faraday’s future shares will be listed on NASDAQ with the stock code of “ffie”. FF’s flagship electric vehicle ff91 is planned to be launched within about 12 months after the merger.

Statement: This article is comprehensively reported by electronic enthusiasts, referring to titanium media, Phoenix technology, southern plus, economic daily, surging news, Samsung Semiconductor, strategy analytics, communication world, yunmi, Schneider Electric, China Science Daily, rich Internet, techweb, etc. Please indicate the above sources.

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