It is reported that Apple will use OLED screens in all four new 5g iPhones for the first time.

The first model of Apple’s iPhone to adopt OLED panel was iPhone x, which was launched in 2017. Three years later, the outstanding effect of OLED panel was recognized by the market and users, which also prompted apple to make a decision to adopt OLED panel for all new products. Apple’s vigorous adoption of OLED screen this time will lead to changes in Apple suppliers and promote the popularity of OLED screen in smartphones.

According to the analysis, 50% of smartphones will be equipped with OLED screens in 2022

In terms of supply chain, earlier Apple LCD screen suppliers mainly cooperated with Janpan display, a Japanese enterprise, which accounted for 60% of Janpan display’s revenue. In the future, Apple’s full adoption of OLED screen will have a huge impact on Janpan display. It is reported that due to the high investment in R & D costs, Janpan display is not fully prepared for OLED R & D. therefore, Janpan display has little chance to obtain orders for the share of OLED screens behind apple.

Among the OLED suppliers, Samsung Electronics in South Korea and BOE, a Chinese panel manufacturer, are the most advanced in technology. At present, Samsung is Apple’s preferred OLED screen supplier. Although BOE has entered the display suppliers of Apple MacBook and iPad, it has not yet entered the list of Apple iPhone suppliers.

Of course, in order to improve the security of OLED screen supply chain, Apple will not hand over all orders to Samsung; BOE’s OLED screen is also being tested. For BOE, this will be a huge opportunity.

Apple’s full adoption of OLED in the future is bound to have a driving effect, which will make OLED shine in the smartphone market.

At present, the four major domestic smartphone brands Huawei, oppo, vivo and Xiaomi have adopted OLED screens in smartphones.

According to the analysis of statistical institutions, OLED screens will appear on 50% of new smartphones in 2022, and more than 50% of smartphones will use OLED screens in 2023.

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